Giving Thanks and Laughing

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving week; I LOVE my people!
So many great things happened….every single day.
There was shopping. Cooking. Talking. Laughing. Eating. Laughing. Cooking. Shopping. Laughing.
Laughing. Laughing. Laughing. 
We had some new friends this year….actually total complete strangers who fit in just like a crazy ole’ 6 fingered glove. 
That’s how we roll around here. 
And don’t tell the gambling po-po, but we let a 4 year old run the tables around here.
Corn Hole.

We had a full house all week, but on Thanksgiving the number went up to 17!!!
After dinner; sigh, we pulled it off again!
Suz, Aunt Trisha, Linds, Mom. Where is LoLo? Must be in the kitchen picking off turkey skin…..
My MIL Judy is so funny. After dinner, she changed out of her dinner attire and into football attire….oh, and little wine pre-football made her run faster!
It is mandatory that Cocoa has her own football so that we can actually PLAY football. 
Playing football makes you run AND laugh. 
One end zone was the garden…the other was the woods. Luckily, no produce was injured in this game. 
All remnants of Turkey week are put away…..and we’ve started moving into Christmas!
I hope you all had a wonderful week as well; filled with good people and much laughter!

I had to capture my Uncle Jim and Cuz Patrick as they were leaving Saturday; real men wear PINK!

Hey, did you know it’s December?? 

13 thoughts on “Giving Thanks and Laughing

  1. I can almost hear the laughter, you know! or maybe I DID hear it all the way over at my house! it just makes me happy to know that your favorite holiday was this much fun! if I had known it was going to be a free for all I woulda run over to say HI to your mom & uncle jim & aunt trisha! oh! maybe they are reading! Hi Mom Bev, Uncle Jim & Aunt Trisha! Oh! And Patrick too… looking good in that PINK! {and you, sweet crazy friend, look beautiful!}


  2. You look wonderful, Suz, and your holiday looked like so much fun. There is nothing better than gathering loved ones and friends around a delicious meal, with a side dish of laughter. Well done!


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