It’s could be a very interesting party~

 I merely sent a text to the Coach asking for an address for our Christmas party….and then the innocent question: 
Anyone else you’d like to invite?

The turtle Momma is Kay from Duck Dynasty. I’m good with that whole  list aside from the scary one; Sinead Grim Reaper.
And yes, the Coach’s name in my phone is 1 husband, that way he’d always be first on my list: after all, he IS my favorite husband.

Happy Humpday my friends!

17 thoughts on “It’s could be a very interesting party~”

  1. Si is my favorite. I just got Duck the Halls and it's so cute. You've GOT to get it. I've been smiling on my walks this week listening to their creative cd. I posted on FB that I was loving it and then asked \”Is there anything they can't do?\” and my one response. Shave. LOL Well, there's that. : )


  2. i am VERY excited about the party… although do let me know ahead of time if the GR is coming so i can bring an extra large utensil for protection? xoxo


  3. Ha-ha!! I love that you filed this under \”marriage\”!! A good (wacky) sense of humor helps keep 1 Husband WITH 1 Wife, which is what he has on his phone, right??!!


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