The good, The bad, The ugly

Wednesday night I arrived home from work at 5 p.m. 
Linds was already home, but kinda sweaty from dance/school…her hair looked as though it didn’t care about anything. 
Lolo pulled in a few minutes behind me from her LONG day at school, and I started my rant/shouting rage: 
“Get pretty, we’ve got 25 minutes to take Christmas photos before the sun goes down!”
“What are you doing? Brush your hair, get out of those yoga pants! I said GET PRETTY!”
The Good
Wait, did you think I was the cool, calm collected type of Mom? 
That makes me chuckle. 
I’m really not a maniac. BUT, it is so hard to get the two of them home DURING daylight at the same time. 
Therefore, my maniac-ness is justified. 
 The Bad
Actually, if you knew Ozzie, his bad end IS his mouth. 
 The Ugly
 This happened in the middle of the night the weekend before Thanksgiving. No one heard anything…..even though some {me} of us  have exceptional hearing.

Our mailbox is used to being run over by careless people, but our fence is usually safe. 
Whoever did this, well, they had a mess of a vehicle come Saturday morning. 
Lolo was first on the scene Saturday morning….and she did her best as a CSI investigator. 
Her determination: the vehicle ‘had’ black side mirrors. 

The good is that THIS Saturday our run plowed over fence area will be repla$ed. 
It’s always something….whether good or bad, we try to roll with it.

Have a great weekend my friends.

13 thoughts on “The good, The bad, The ugly

  1. Bare feet and sleeveless in December … huh no fair you've got warm weather !! I'm coming to your town for a balmy Christmas. but I definitely won't stand by your fence at night !


  2. How the hell does someone just plow down your fence and then take off?! That fries my ass!!!'I'll just try and focus on your gorgeous daughters, and their beautiful smiles until my blood pressure goes back to normal…xoxox


  3. yeah, that fence mess, sheesh! I can only hope that the idiot is OK, learns a lesson, and goes sober and honest because of it (HA!) and man, where are your kids' parkas, hats, scarves, where is your snow?????????? I don't thinjk you live around here 🙂


  4. we had some drunk, partying kids run the stop sign across from our place and run through our pipe fence before – good thing their air bags went off… and then they threw their beer bottles as far from the vehicle as they could and took off running before the cops could come. *sigh*


  5. Oh no! I am so glad no one was hurt. Fences are replaceable (but \”owie\” to the insurance policy). I love your family photos (other than the \”business end\” of Ozzie). What about Cocoa? Was she camera-shy? And where are you and Coach? Please use your camera's timer, Suz – we want the whole BusyBee-enchilada! =)


  6. I can't believe they just ran into your fence and then took off… Maybe Karma will take care of them… Guess Ozzie wanted to be in the Christmas pictures too and didn't care which end made it. 😉


  7. Anonymous

    i love both the good and the bad… Life gets busy and it seems like the prime moments of the day go to the not prime things, doesn't it??? OUCH to your fence! I hope it looks lots better! And they didn't say a thing? Probably drunk. UGH! I hope no one was hurt… And that they learned a valuable lesson, whatever was going on.


  8. CRAZY!!!!!! Will you remind me of your address again so I can send you a Christmas card. Did I save it in my address book when you sent it last time?Do you mind if your Christmas card comes in January?Or February? ; )


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