A Blue-Blue Christmas

Actually, more of a teal, turquoise type of Christmas.

Linds and I had this great idea after last Christmas: Lets do a color themed tree!

So I let her choose….and choose she did.

We already had a lot of silver, white & cream, so we only needed a little bit of the blueish colors to accent; and when you buy after Christmas they practically pay you to take the ornaments.

I was scared. 
I was scared it was going to be tacky. 
I’m weird like that.

But I’m glad I forged through my scared-ness because I love our blue-sih/teal/turquoise tree.
Angel Wings and Disco Balls; pretty much sums up our family. 

Now, please don’t get all cra-cra about us having a fancy-ish tree.

We have another tree in the family room. Lindsay lovingly refers to it as the ‘janky’ tree…..and not because of the decor, but because of the size/texture/shape of the tree.

Ok, it might contain some janky/funky/silly ornaments too. 

In case you thought Cocoa was of any help, here is your confirmation that she is not. Actually, I could hardly hear the Christmas music over her snoring. 

It took me over a week to get all the decorations up. In the past it only took a day or two; what is happening to my life???

Is your tree up yet….and are you more on the fancy side or the janky side?

24 thoughts on “A Blue-Blue Christmas

  1. Love both of your trees, the fancy and the janky one. Not sure where ours falls. It's got more red than any other color, but it's got lots of \”sentimental\” ornaments on it. And when I say lots, I mean it. Nadia said we can't see the tree because of all the ornaments. 😉


  2. I love the blue! That family portrait is fabulous, too. I have this Christmas tree skirt made by my grandmother for me. It's red, green and white. I will never part with that skirt so we always go with red, green, gold and white around here. And we only have one tree. It's about to fall from all the decorations, but we like it that way. (I do have blue/silver ornaments on my wreath in the bathroom. ;))


  3. i love the color theme!!!!! disco ball, yes, YOU! but angel wigs?! hmmm… haha!!! my tree is up (thank you super camden!) lights, but no ornaments. yet. this year it is taking me weeks to get out christmas… and i haven't said so outloud to my family yet, but i think the village is not going up. eek.


  4. Anonymous

    I love themed trees! We did fun, traditional family ornament (homemade and kid stuff) until our kids were older. Then when our youngest was 12 she piped up and said \”we should have a white tree with pink ornaments!\” and I thought \”well, ok!\” so we did… It was super fun. We did two trees last year, much like yours… (no pink though. one year was enough!) This year, back to one this year… but since she's the only kid at home she chose Red and silver. It's really lovely, actually…


  5. Anonymous

    Nope… no tree up here yet. AND, all I have to do is bring the pre-decorated thing up from the basement. So call me lazy. I like the janky tree the best by the way. 🙂


  6. We've been to the tree farm to select & mark the tree (when David was here at Thanksgiving), but it was too early to cut it. We'll go and cut it next weekend. It's always a little more like your \”janky\” tree (what does \”janky\”mean?), because the ornaments are all a mishmash of this, that and the other from way back. I love your blue theme, but I'm not ready for a theme yet…Have you seen my friend Caron's Beach House website? Your turquoise & white tree would look sooo good there (she's also on fb).


  7. Eclectic is what I would call me two little trees. No real theme, just what catches my fancy at the after Christmas sales. Your tree is lovely, my favorite shade of blue.


  8. Two trees here as well, one in the great room and one in the den. I love your \”blue tree.\” And Suz, there is no such thing as tacky when it comes to Christmas decorations. (Well, maybe except for the family downtown who have an inflatable Rudolph sticking his big red nose into the manger.)


  9. We have just one tree. It's tall and skinny. And I love it even more since we remodeled our house some years back. The walls are yellow and the furniture is red and green. Hello, Christmas. Makes my tree look more fancy than it is because it 'goes' with my house. Much like your pretty blue tree 'goes' with all the pretty colors at your house. I love your blue tree. I love your janky tree too. That's the warm fuzzy tree that everybody will remember. But the blue one is pretty for lookin', so that's good too. : )


  10. Well—-I'm sure that you know I am definitely on the JANKY side… Our tree is hodgepodge and CRAMMED full of our memories!!!!! We love it –but it 'ain't' fancy at all… haHad a nice service for Dad Adams yesterday –and got to see many old friends and family members. We also enjoyed a family lunch together. Dad is in a better place now… Thanks be to God.HugsBetsy


  11. You and Linds did a beautiful job with your 'theme' tree. Although I like it, I like your 'janky' tree even more. We get a couple of special ornaments each year that relate to what we've done during the year. We'll either have to start doing less each year or get a larger tree.


  12. I love them both!! This is our first year doing a color-themed tree {silver and gold if you need to know}, and the girls love it, but Jeremy hates it! I think we'll be going back to the kitschy tree next year 🙂 It takes me forever to get anything accomplished anymore. I swear, I used to be very efficient.


  13. Your house looks pretty. Our tree is janky, but it used to be swanky, back in the day when we were serving the community with Christmas parties. Now, we prefer to let someone else do the swank entertaining. Like you. Maybe we'll crash your party!


  14. I love your trees. Both of them : ).We don't have one up yet.I am telling you, I am the WORST FREAKING MOM in America.Last year was pretty hard for our family so I gave myself a pass on the tree, but this year is dazzling, and still no tree. Do you think I will surprise myself and do it before Christmas? Probably not.


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