Digging in the back of the closet, looking for my social butterfly hat….because the community needs me.

It’s been a full week. 
Anyone else wish that December was six weeks long? 
Who will help me start that petition…..
c’mon, don’t be shy. 
We are having our annual Christmas cocktail party on Saturday night.
Well, annual except for last year. I was too tired last year and I’m thinking I might be too tired this year, but it’s too late. 
{Unless I lock the gate doors and turn off the lights}
Actually, I felt sad that we didn’t host a party last year; as if I let down the community. 
It’s a lot of pressure to be the one to have a party….because you know, the community counts on me.



Linds marched in the Christmas parade this week, has two Christmas show performances at school, plus her ACT test on Saturday morning. Then she has to come home and bake for our party.
You know, for the community!
She is probably more tired than I, but she’s young….she can suck it up handle it.

Lo has also been busy with school, finals and work…and I’m making her bake for the community today.

 Please note, that it was 82* at our Christmas parade….just a few blocks from the Gulf of Mexico. 
It doesn’t suck to be us in the winter. 
Come summer, we suffer. 
Oh, and our a/c went out yesterday!
Merry Christmas!
We are getting a new unit today….the silver lining in this is that we can afford to purchase it, and the first unit has lasted 15 years. 
Our new unit will be wayyyy more energy efficient and in turn will save us $$ in the long run. 
{Yes, we still need our a/c in December}
Always looking for the joy in the not so joyful….my new motto!
Any parties on your weekend agenda? 
Do you ever throw one for the sake of the {LOL} community?

If I haven’t told you lately, I love and appreciate YOU!

16 thoughts on “Digging in the back of the closet, looking for my social butterfly hat….because the community needs me.

  1. oh this post cracked me up! we have a parade tomorrow…snow and sleet…although i have to say, even though it will be FREEZING if they still have it, it is kinda fun to go to a parade with snow falling…being a san diego native and spending most of my winters in 82 degrees too, i find the seasons fun….i just wish winter would be over on december 26th! enjoy your party, i wish we had someone in our hood that felt like they should throw a party for the sake of the community! p.s. your daughter is beautiful! i'm guessing she's the one smiling at you!


  2. I was just noting the SLEEVELESS dance outfits paired with the Santa hats – you wouldn't see that up in the North in December!It's good to know that your A/C will be replaced before the party. That could have caused a bit of a problem for the assembled crowd. And you are right to be grateful for being able to pay the bills. When I am tearing my hair about having to replace things (as in this past summer), I try to remember that, too…because it is a blessing.Have fun at your party, and please take pics of your decor, food and peeps – or, at least, of your outfit – because your online peeps are with you in spirit!xoxox


  3. We sort of rotate with five other couples in entertaining for the neighborhood. Glad it's not our turn this year but we always enjoy it. Yes, I'm definitely in favor of six weeks of December. Cut a few out of January to shorten the post-holiday letdown and dreary weather. Well, except in Florida that is.


  4. Your party sounds like a lot of fun! Wish I lived in your hood… 😉 I can't believe it is still 82 in your area. Our overnight lows have been in the mid 20's. 😦 Have fun at your shindig and enjoy the weekend!


  5. I got tired just reading your post. Life is never dull at your house, but I'm confident that the party will be a big success, Linds will do well on her ACT test, and Lo will do well on her finals. I am jealous, however, that you have to worry about air-conditioning in December. It's cold up here in Tennessee.


  6. Hi There, YES—I wish December was longer. We lost a week at Thanksgiving (which was late this year, a week at the beach, and then Dad's death and funeral… SO–we only have TWO weeks left to relax and enjoy Christmas this year. Gads!!!!I know your party will be fantastic. Hope the weather is better down there then it is here… We are rainy and yuky…. I know you loved seeing your little gal in the parade. Won't be many more of them will there?????Hugs,Betsy


  7. We just finished up a round of parties and house guests that have left me gasping on the floor.I'll sign that petition.And even settle for five weeks!What fun you're having!


  8. I remember when you didn't have it last year. You missed it : ).I can't believe your weather. Seriously. Can not even believe it. I am just a little jealous. My sister brings her family to Florida as frequently as possible for your weather. I should tell her to come knock on your door one day. Do you think you would recognize her?


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