Christmas Card Cussing and That Thing involving Glitter.

Christmas Cards and Cussing: 

Do you love getting Christmas cards? How about the newsletter’? 
 This year, I was lucky to just get my cards made. I took the girls photo one night, uploaded it to shutterfly and ordered them within 10 minutes. But as I as making the cards, I was having issues with the site, and I have to confess…..
I cussed OUT LOUD while placing my Christmas card order.
If you want to stop reading now…I won’t blame you. 
*snicker snicker*

I didn’t even realize I cussed OUT LOUD until Lindsay did that ExORcIST thing with her head spinning to look at who was sitting next to her cussing.

It might have been the word that starts with an F and doesn’t end with T. 
Oh well, she is almost 18, she might as well learn the truth: 
Her Mother IS a HEATHEN!

I’m going to hell in a longaberger hand basket. 

I finally received our cards in the mail last week from Shutterfly; I’ve been working mailing them daily. Sadly for me, our PC died this year that held most of my addresses….so I can really only send OUT a card after I GET a card. 
This is not a great system for me.
Seriously, I’m the girl that had an excel spreadsheet for my Christmas card list. 
Yes, I have issues. 

That thing involving glitter:

I was cleaning up the craft room the other night….boy, it looked like Martha Stewart and her cohorts had been here and they were ALL ON CRACK!

I grabbed a few vials of glitter that *someone* left out.
Do you know of my  disdain for glitter and anything that contains glitter?

I honestly can’t believe it is still on the premises. 

Anyhoo’s….as I was lifting up the containers of glitter over my head to set on a shelf…..the sh*t hit the fan.
Actually the glitter hit my face, hair, chest and EYEBALLS!
Red glitter everywhere; it looked like a sparkly massacre!

I’m lucky to be alive.
It will be 2015 before my hair is glitter-free. 
Ok, so my cussing is getting out of hand…surely I’m on the naughty list now.

Our family celebrates big on Christmas Eve….a nice big dinner with most all of Coach’s people.
They are actually my people too, but we don’t’ share DNA….only the insanity.

Wishing you and yours the very best with minimal cussing!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

11 thoughts on “Christmas Card Cussing and That Thing involving Glitter.

  1. Ha Ha I am laughing all the way !Jingle Bells to you and yours ~May your party be Merry and bright I always love it here Ps Mountain Man hates glitter too and I spilled it all over the bathroom (accidentally of course) before last Saturdays parade event , now I call him ole sparkle feet when he gets out of the shower and steps in the glitter that seems to seep from nowhere ~ yup been some swearing from him too hee hee)Willow 🙂


  2. Recently, when having dinner out with friends, I went to the bathroom to 'freshen up'… HORRORS… I had a piece of glitter on the end of my nose…. GADS–how could that be???? I had ONLY opened up a few Christmas cards that afternoon… Geeessshhh…. ha ha haI used to write Christmas Newsletters –but after so many people complained about them, I quit…. I did enjoy writing them –and love to read others' news of the year –especially if I haven't heard from them since last Christmas. BUT–it does take precious time to read them….Relax little Heathen Friend –and just hope that Santa doesn't put any COAL in your Stocking this year…. I seem to get coal in mine every year!!!!! ha ha Merry Christmas.Hugs,Betsy


  3. My daughter loves Shutterfly so I tried it. Could NOT get it to check out. She said it is because it doesn't always get along with Firefox and you have to go into the regular Windows internet. My thought is if you can't get along, I don't want to deal with you. I have never had trouble with Walgreen's pictures! I totally understand what your emotions though.Don't get me started on glitter either. That stuff reproduces and lives for years in one place – – – almost easier to get rid of cockroaches and we know they will be able to survive a nuclear blast!My addresses are on the computer too. I don't know how to do a mail merge between Excel and labels but I need to learn it. It would make it easier – – – could sort them alphabetically then. Right now I jump between lists. At least you got cards printed and are mailing them. I have no newsletter at all. I love doing that but maybe the week after Christmas. Time will tellWe have our kids, etc here tomorrow for food and gifts. Looking forward to it!!! Hope your Christmas is Merry and Healthy!


  4. You would have \”loved\” the Christmas card I got from one of my best friends. It said \”open carefully\” on the envelope, so (knowing her) I opened it over the trashcan. A b…load of glitter fell out. 😉 Wishing you and yours a very merry and happy Christmas!


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