Getting on with the fun

Someone has to do it. 
THE Fun.
The Coach and I heading out for some fun this weekend. I can only brag post about it ahead of time because the out in laws are coming to stay at the house. You know, to watch the kids dogs.
{Really, they are here to watch the dogs….the kids are always on the go with school and work, so the dogs get forgotten…..and I can’t have that.}
So, we are going away for Super Bowl weekend. Traveling with friends and meeting other friends.
He’s gonna miss me something bad. 

Can you imagine where we would go for super bowl weekend and NOT go to the actual super bowl?
Who goes to the Super Bowl when it is winter and COLD? And besides, I only watch the super bowl to critique the commercials while eating food and drinking good wine.  

Does anyone watch the game?

WHAT? Some people watch THE actual game?

We are not going to go where everybody knows our name.
We are not going to Hotel California.
We are not going to see any live animals. Wait, are strange people animals?
Scratch that one then.
We might see Elvis.
OR we might not see Elvis.
I might get a tattoo.
But most likely I won’t because I can’t decide WHERE I would put a Bee on my body. 

There will be plenty of gluttony. But not from me.
Wait, I forgot about all that good wine. Gluttony, check.
It will be too cold for me to wear my daisy dukes and belly shirts.
It will be too warm for my leather jacket.
I might need a gas mask for clean air.
It will be sunny, but not a beach in sight.

Dagnabbit, I forgot to pack my gas mask!

Have a great weekend my people!

You don’t think I really still fit in wear daisy dukes and belly shirts do you?

A piece of peace

Back in October while on our weekend getaway in Asheville, my girlfriend Kelly and I saw these cool peace poles at the Biltmore Garden shop. 
She and I both gasped at how pretty they are…because that is what you do while shopping in a garden shop at the Biltmore. You gasp at the pretties. 

 My friend Kelly who is NOT supposed to get us Christmas gifts, but does anyway ordered one for our family. 
She is a law breaker of great proportions…..but still wants to instill peace in the world. 
It says: “May Peace Prevail on Earth” on all four sides….in four different languages. 
The Coach and I put it where we can see it from inside the house and while at the garden too.

So….if you have any control at all please, let peace prevail on earth, or whatever planet you reside on.  

If you’d like to learn about the history of peace poles, click here.