Stick a fork in me….and more chalk paint!

Stop. Call the po-po or an ambulance…..
it’s January 3rd and both of our Christmas trees are STILL UP. 
I’m usually pacing at midnight on December 25th….ready to clean it all up.
A few reasons for the trees still being up.
1) Life is busy. Parties, family, birthdays etc…
2) I love our living room tree so much, I’m trying to figure out how to keep it up all year. 
We had Lindsay’s birthday last weekend. Then on New Years day we had a *small end of the travel season party for Coach’s softball team at our house. 
*35 people is small, right?
Anyhoo’s….I’ve been meaning to share this with you since LAST YEAR!
 I put it in the back hallway thinking it would be a great catchall table. 
And ten minutes later, I decided to give it a chalk paint makeover. I used leftover wall paint for this one..
 I loved it so much….that I decided to bring it into the living room: Front and center!
  Seriously, chalk paint is SO easy to do. Even a caveman blogger can do it. 
When I finally get tired of the Christmas stuff…it will look good with my regular stuff on it too. 
We have a lot going on this weekend but I might find time to box up Christmas…..well, perhaps I’ll leave the turquoise, silver and white tree a little longer.  IT’S SO PRETTY!
Happy 2014!!

18 thoughts on “Stick a fork in me….and more chalk paint!”

  1. The console table turned out great!! I'd love to paint a few of our pieces of furniture (or cabinets), but hubby is not really \”feeling\” it. 😦 Your tree is very, very pretty, can't blame you for leaving it up a bit longer. Our's had to go, it was loosing needles pretty bad, and without the presents underneath, the dog was starting to run under it. Made it rain needles up in here…


  2. Why the hurry to box up Christmas. Epiphany is not until Jan. 6… From Dec. 25-Jan 6—it is 'officially' called The Twelve Days of Christmas. Did you not get that message?????? ha ha We are in process of taking ours down –and it's a depressing time for me since I LOVE Christmas so much… Wish we could leave our tree up all year —but then it wouldn't be so special at ChristmasTime….. SO—it all comes down!!!! Love your paint job… Gorgeous table…Hugs,Betsy


  3. I have never tried chalk paint simply because my husband abhors painted furniture.. *crazy man* BUT, if I ever do try it, what brand of paint do you recommend?


  4. well. well, well… i see it is contagious. eric says the christmas tree can only stay up til the super bowl, k? maybe coach will be nicer!!! i just love the lights… i am ready for the ornaments to go, and keep the lights!!!you must show me this chalk paint… bring it on over and we'll paint stuff here when you run out of stuff to paint there!!!! looks great!


  5. I took my tree down and was so sad…it was so pretty and so festive…but I go back to work on Monday and I wasn't spending my last weekend working….so down it went and away went Christmas :(Your little table looks great painted! I want to paint my oak hutch since oak is soooooo 1980!


  6. This year was the first that I had the tree down within a week – – but I am not an event coordinator like you are! Wears me out to think about doing all that AND keeping the house ready for it. However, it sounds like your family thrives on it. That's good. The table is very pretty.


  7. oh i love it…i used chalk paint on my living room tables…they were so scratched up from when the kids were little but i really love their iron legs so i chalk painted them a light grey and then xferred a french thingy on 2 end tables….still looking for a great xfer to use on the coffee table…thinking of using chalk paint for my moms old hutch i ended up with. it's maple and very glossy…wondering if the chalk paint will just slide off it lol


  8. I love the pics on your back hallway wall. Love! : ) We took down our tree on Christmas DAY. We're weirdos. LOL I am just gonna have to do the chalk paint, I love it so much.


  9. I got it down on the 28th. I am sooooo with you on the timely taking down of the tree! I think that Chalk Paint might be just what we need for the old dressers we got at Salvation Army for Social Butterfly to \”create\” with/on.


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