Last Party THIS year.

Oh, wait. It’s only January 6th?
Me: Linds what do you want to do for your 18th birthday?
Linds: I’d love a surprise party.
Me: You know, I can’t throw you a surprise party after you’ve asked for a surprise party.  How about I plan something for you, and you’ll be surprised by what it is?
This conversation took place in November.
So, we planned a small party at Masterpiece Mixers. If you have one in your town, run there. NOW. 
IT’s fun even if you aren’t artsy fartsy. 
 She was happily surprised….as were her friends.  Ok, she actually figured it out an hour prior….and I can only blame myself. {all the weeks of secrecy and I blew it at the finish line!!!! I could poke myself in the eye with a grapefruit spoon!}
 Lolo and I had to pick out the art piece prior to the party….this was tough to do.
We finally went with what we thought Linds would like: The Sugar Skull.which is NOT a scary thing…we aren’t satan worshippers here. anymore.

The sugar skull honors the deceased, your ancestry or whatever floats your boat.
Apparently our boats float on color. 

 The Coach is not a scary person…but for some reason, his sugar skull came out a bit scary.
 The girls got a kick out of his. “Daddy is SO funny!!” Apparently all the niceness in him disappears when he has a paintbrush. 

 It was a fun and memorable night for Linds, her friends and family. 

 Here is our family in sugar skulls. We might hang Coach’s outside…you know, to scare the bad people away. 
So, that’s it with the parties. I’m partied out for this year…..
wait, when is the Super Bowl???

22 thoughts on “Last Party THIS year.

  1. We have a similar place around here. It's called Merlot and VanGogh. I've always thought it would be a cool girl's night out even though I am not artistic at all!Happy 18th Birthday to Lindsay!


  2. We have something like that here, too. Always thought it would be a fun thing to do, just never got around to actually taking a class. Maybe this year. 🙂


  3. I couldn't love those more. That is the BEST idea and mine would look like a preschooler made it, but I'd still have fun. Happy Birthday to L too and happy new year to you!


  4. You are too much fun. Seriously. TOO MUCH FUN.Stop being so crafty and fun right this second. We do that with my book club. It is fun for sure, but I never know what to do with the paintings afterwards.Happy Monday. I hope no one pees in your wheaties or anything else all week long.Love, Beck


  5. This sounds like a wonderful party. You have a very talented family. I happen to like Coach's Sugar Skull — I'll bet it would be good for scaring deer from our roses.


  6. I went to \”Spirited Art\” over Thanksgiving and was really nervous because I can't draw a straight line with a ruler! It was all good until my SIL put her paintbrush in her wine!


  7. you posted NOT scary just for me, didn't you?!?! you really almost surprised her?!?! i love her face. the fake surprise one. oh. and her pretty one. and i guess… her not scary sugar scull ❤ xoxoyou & i need to go paint. soon. or when we can fit it in.


  8. There is a place similar to that in Cleveland, too. I love that your husband went with your family and some other guys, too. Usually I only see women at ours. More wonderful memories that you shared with us – – – your extended family!!!


  9. oh i've always wanted to do one of these. a friend of mine in la has one that you drink wine and paint, i forget what it's called but sounds so fun. love the way everyone's turned out, what a creative group!!


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