Turn On Your Heartlight

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” 
― Josh Billings
It’s no secret I adore our boxers. These sweet canines are awesome….but at times, they like to elude us on the property. {Mostly Cocoa}
Cocoa has not met a possum that she didn’t want to chase. Just don’t let her know she’ll never actually catch one!
And you’d never guess that she could jump a four foot fence to keep up that chase!
 A few years ago I purchased reflective collars for them because these little expeditions always happen in the dark of night.  The reflective collars are great when I’m on the hunt for her with a flashlight…..BUT, yesterday I found these cool little LED lights for their collars as well. 
 See, how bright they are? WINNING!
My neighbors might thing we have aliens tromping around the property…. that will give them something new to talk about.  
 I posted this on Facebook the other night.
Cocoa and the Coach always share ‘his’ chair, but her expression on this night had us both cracking up. 
I wished I’d taken the time to get out my real camera…she actually sat like this for at least 15 minutes. 
I just realized….she is the one who’s been DVR’ing MeerKat Manor!
Cocoa is a meerkat impersonator!

I can only imagine how boring life would be without these two.
Any critter hijinx around your house this week?

23 thoughts on “Turn On Your Heartlight

  1. Love it!!! Pepper (my jack russell mix) will sit back on her hind legs and sit like a person while I rub her belly. She does it when I'm holding her, too. Maybe she & Cocoa have been skyping during the day when I'm not here???


  2. If you can call your dog throwing up three times in one evening (twice in the exact same spot – right after I cleaned it up and steam clean the rug) hijinx, then yes. She seems to be feeling better this morning though, she was grazing out back like a cow… 😉 Where did you get those LED lights for their collars? We could so use one for Harley since she's the one that likes to dawdle in the yard, and we can never see where she's at.


  3. That picture is SO great : ). Cute as can be!I LOVE the new LED collar lights. You really impress me with your shopping skills. I hope the neighbors DO call the police because of aliens. Wouldn't that be a fun thing to blog about?Happy Wednesday. Love, Becky


  4. Anonymous

    Love the led lights! I need those for the indoor cats as I am always stepping on them in the dark in the middle of the night!!!John and I adore the photo in the recliner!


  5. Anonymous

    There is a sign I've seen on Etsy that I want for our mudroom that says something about Dogs making a house a home and it's so true! They add such life! Love Cocoa's posture! Adorable!


  6. I can't imagine you having a boring life under any circumstances. I liked the photo of Coach and Cocoa when you posted it on Facebook, and I still like it. I hope you no longer have to worry about 'losing' a boxer in the night..


  7. If it weren't January, I would think you had decorated the dogs for Christmas! Great idea for their safety at night. Cocoa has taken over the personality of people. That is too, too cute! Your husband must be a softie at heart for his dogs. you can tell he loves that pup.


  8. Love the new little lights…. That photo with Coach is awesome…. Love his expression also….. ha ha…. Hope you can keep up with these big babies now when they are outside chasing other critters.Hugs,Betsy


  9. My beloved little dachshund, Gussie, had a seizure on Saturday. The doctor said it was very minor and she thinks changing his food will take prevent it from happening again. Of course I have been beside myself and won't let him out of my sight. I think I am getting on his nerves.


  10. oh my gosh, that picture is adorable, makes me laugh! i always thought my twins were meerkat impersonators. they would stand one in front of the other like that when they were little, cracked me up! i'm going to have to get one of those collars for ozzy. he's black (a rottweiler) and i worry about him getting loose from me in the dark, i'd never find him! have a great weekend 🙂


  11. Love your pups, and those led lights are awesome! I don't know what I'd do without my sweet dog. But I'm telling ya, if she doesn't quit digging, my house is gonna fall right into China!


  12. I like those lights! I could use a couple of them – front and back – for walking during dark, gray days/evenings. Good choice for the pups.That photo of Cocoa and the Coach is hilarious. His expression is a riot; hers is priceless. She really looks a little bit confused. I can't believe she can sit up like that! She is half human!


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