If you listen close enough….the garden has something to say.

Suz, just when you think things are going smoothly…you’ll hit a road bump.
OR How about some thorns?
Suz, if you worry about going hungry….you’ll always find the needed nourishment. Always. Like a cat that lands on it’s paws. Meow.
 Suz, don’t ignore the crotch….because {pretty} stuff can grow there. 
 Ok, the Orchid is a bit trashy with the talk. But he/she/it did make me laugh with this. Love my crotchy plants. 
We, the ever blooming hibiscus, well, we are gorgeous, but if you bring us in your house, we’ll bring ANTS too. 
 Lots of ants. Which would be ok if they were like your Aunt Trisha….she doesn’t bite or get into the food. Ok, she doesn’t bite. 🙂
Lots of ‘interesting’ things going on in La’Da’Casa Busy Bee. 
(Spanish is not my first, second or fourteenth language)
Some good stuff happening….
and some stuff that will eventually be good, but kinda scary during transition. 
Such is life.
Luckily, my garden is never scary. Well, except for those freakin’ caterpillars that are challenging me. 

Aye Caramba!

Happy Wednesday my people!

15 thoughts on “If you listen close enough….the garden has something to say.

  1. Ha HA—your post made me laugh… BUT–I do love your garden. Now that everything is bare and brown up here, it's fun to see a beautiful garden somewhere. NO–think I'd leave the Hibiscus outside. Wouldn't want ants in the house, would we? Yipes.Have a great Wednesday.Hugs,Betsy


  2. ooo… you might be in trouble with aunt trisha! i didn't know your plants were that talented! i'm glad mine don't talk… well, if they did then maybe they'd remind me to water them, care for them, etc… but now they are just d.e.a.d.what good stuff is going on over there?!?!!{p.s…lunch friday? it is not my birthday but it is someones!}how lazy am i that i cannot email you this separately? very. xoxo


  3. I like how much you love your yard and all the things God has blooming in it! My trees have VINES – – – invader vines – – – growing on them. Got to go and start cutting them off before they get too good a hold and smother the tree. There's always something to do in the yard – – – – and the bugs are the worst to deal with at times.


  4. I've heard that talking to our plants can help them grow, but this is the first time I've heard of plants talking back. But you obviously have a great system, because your garden looks great (except for the grubs).


  5. Anonymous

    I LOVE that the bits of our lives that seem ordinary do speak to us… and have messages, and stories, and encouragements… if only listen!


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