Artsy Fartsy

So, Lolo and I visit Pinterest on occasion and we end up trashing our craft room because of that visit.

But whats a craft room if it isn’t trashed? 
Oh, that’d be a clean room. Yeah, I forgot. 
We only needed some cheap canvases, craft paint, glue, mod podge and craft paper…oh, and an imagination too. 

 We needed a bit of color in the family/kitchen/breakfast area and this fit the bill perfectly. 
 We did this back in November, and we’ve not grown tired of it yet. 
Have a great weekend!!!
Most of you are in cold climates….so be careful of visiting pinterest, it could cause creativity. 

26 thoughts on “Artsy Fartsy

  1. that's really cute! i love the way they turned out! i bought some cheap canvases a couple of years ago and gave one to each kidlet, well my oldest son didn't participate but my other three did. i just told them to paint whatever they wanted and i hung them on a wall in the living room. i love their work!


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