Opposites attract ~OR~ I’m surrounded by weirdos

The Coach and I went out for dinner with friends last Wednesday.
Before we left, we covered the veggie garden, brought in the lanai plants, covered our roses, brought in the orchids and covered the ginormous hanging staghorn…..all in prep for a freeze. 

All that labor worked up my appetite; I got all dolled up…..the dolling up included the cutest/comfortabl-ist boots ever.
{cause we were going to have a FREEZE!}

The coach?
He put on shorts and his fancy flip flops.
Opposites attract much?
Pay no attention to the red toes.
{his birthmark…but he loves to tell tales about how I ran over his foot with the car, and I’ve only actually thought about doing that once or thrice in the last 29 years}

18 thoughts on “Opposites attract ~OR~ I’m surrounded by weirdos”

  1. I can't believe he went in flip flops in that weather. I'm bundled up like a mummy when it gets cold here! Hope all your plants survived the cold weather.


  2. did you leave that garden covered for both nights?! laughing about the flip flops… and that eric actually was chilly friday! he couldn't imagine that he might need long sleeves… or a {gasp!} jacket!


  3. Men have to have a story that makes the wife look a little bad. I think they have a gene for it. The flip flops are a man thing, too. They just don't know you should take an opportunity for fashion when it rarely presents itself (like boots in Florida). That's lots of work with the plants but I know you didn't want them to join the tomatoes in the afterlife – – – or no more life!


  4. Even your plant covers are green – a very SUZ choice! I hope everything in your world survives the cold. We definitely have different thermostats from the menfolk!


  5. My son and son in law wear their flip flops all the time! Coach sound like a funny man:) Here in the south, flips flops all year for me too:) Well….most of the time. Maybe not tomorrow. Snow is supposed to come to GA:)


  6. I hope all your hard work made it possible to save all your plants. I also hope you had a nice dinner with your friends. I'm glad you've only thought about running over Coach's foot once or twice in the past 29 years.


  7. Oh a freeze! I have not seen the ground up here in months! Too much snow:) LOL I hope you are all keeping warm. Let me know if you ever need me to send you a spare hat!


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