A piece of peace

Back in October while on our weekend getaway in Asheville, my girlfriend Kelly and I saw these cool peace poles at the Biltmore Garden shop. 
She and I both gasped at how pretty they are…because that is what you do while shopping in a garden shop at the Biltmore. You gasp at the pretties. 

 My friend Kelly who is NOT supposed to get us Christmas gifts, but does anyway ordered one for our family. 
She is a law breaker of great proportions…..but still wants to instill peace in the world. 
It says: “May Peace Prevail on Earth” on all four sides….in four different languages. 
The Coach and I put it where we can see it from inside the house and while at the garden too.

So….if you have any control at all please, let peace prevail on earth, or whatever planet you reside on.  

If you’d like to learn about the history of peace poles, click here. 

15 thoughts on “A piece of peace

  1. oh i love that! i've never heard of a peace pole so i will check out the link…i'm so mad that we never visited biltmore while living in georgia…it wasn't too far from us then…how stupid of us :/


  2. Oohh-ing and Aaah-ing here, too! Our neighbor (and massage therapist) has one of these, but hers isn't decorated – it just has the words in black and white. I've always admired it, and yours is the shizzle (BTW, I learned that word from you, Suz)!


  3. What a sweet friend – – – who is just trying to keep the peace if there should ever be a need to have to do that! Or maybe the gift is to remind you how at peace she is when in your company! Those gifts that remind us of good friends and good times are the best!


  4. You have a wonderful friend in Kelly, and the Peace Pole looks great in your yard. We've seen them at Biltmore, but one hasn't made its way to this part of Tennessee as of yet.


  5. I love that! So pretty! In Minneapolis, peace poles are very popular. They have some really tall ones that have all different languages on them but they are fairly plain. I'd love to have one of these that is so colorful. What a great gift. Also, a great orange cat photo bomb!


  6. What a beautiful peace stick. I never heard of them or saw one. I love peace. In every language.I am having the saddest day at work. One of my kids is in trouble. Can you say a prayer for him?


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