Getting on with the fun

Someone has to do it. 
THE Fun.
The Coach and I heading out for some fun this weekend. I can only brag post about it ahead of time because the out in laws are coming to stay at the house. You know, to watch the kids dogs.
{Really, they are here to watch the dogs….the kids are always on the go with school and work, so the dogs get forgotten…..and I can’t have that.}
So, we are going away for Super Bowl weekend. Traveling with friends and meeting other friends.
He’s gonna miss me something bad. 

Can you imagine where we would go for super bowl weekend and NOT go to the actual super bowl?
Who goes to the Super Bowl when it is winter and COLD? And besides, I only watch the super bowl to critique the commercials while eating food and drinking good wine.  

Does anyone watch the game?

WHAT? Some people watch THE actual game?

We are not going to go where everybody knows our name.
We are not going to Hotel California.
We are not going to see any live animals. Wait, are strange people animals?
Scratch that one then.
We might see Elvis.
OR we might not see Elvis.
I might get a tattoo.
But most likely I won’t because I can’t decide WHERE I would put a Bee on my body. 

There will be plenty of gluttony. But not from me.
Wait, I forgot about all that good wine. Gluttony, check.
It will be too cold for me to wear my daisy dukes and belly shirts.
It will be too warm for my leather jacket.
I might need a gas mask for clean air.
It will be sunny, but not a beach in sight.

Dagnabbit, I forgot to pack my gas mask!

Have a great weekend my people!

You don’t think I really still fit in wear daisy dukes and belly shirts do you?

16 thoughts on “Getting on with the fun

  1. Have a fun weekend, hopefully it'll be nice and warm! 🙂 I couldn't care less about the super bowl game, like you, I'm in it for the commercials and the food. 😉


  2. Hmmmm—-not too hot/not too cold, smoggy, Elvis, gluttony….. Sounds like Vegas to me–or someplace like Dallas or Memphis…. Not sure—but hope you will have a great time with friends. Don't forget to pack your Daisy Dukes and Belly Shirts….haWe will watch the game from the comforts of home… I 'sorta' watch the game –but definitely watch the commercials!!!! Usually don't care for the halftime show though….Have a wonderful weekend.HugsBetsy


  3. Have a wonderful weekend! Ozzie already looks lost, and you haven't left yet…I AM going to watch the game this time. Normally, I just visit and eat and drink on SB Sunday, but this time, I have a dog (make that a Seahawk – ok, a team) in the game. We are not going to host or attend any party this year, because that would be distracting! We will cozy up here and FOCUS on the game, in order to help our team. They've never won the SB in all of their history, so could you spare a good thought for them, please? xox


  4. You know we will be anxiously awaiting the next post that tells us all about the fun – – – which I am sure you are going to have or had cuz you are obviously very excited about the upcoming events! Great idea to have Parent-type figures at the house so no one tries to intimidate the girls while they are home alone. Plus it's good to have someone there in case of an emergency or an event that might need someone with wisdom and experience – – like burst pipes, etc. And of course, the pups will be pleased to have company.


  5. Gas mask? I would say Vegas…came home from there with a killer ear infection from my entire respiratory swelling up. BUT it was fun! went on the roller coaster atop New York New York!Hope you had a grand time 🙂


  6. Hope you had a great weekend!! Not only am I jealous of your getaway, but that you got to see the \”good\” commercials! Up here in Canada we get the same old boring one's they always play!


  7. Anonymous

    Sounds like a whole lotta fun. Glad you have someone staying with the pups full time. They stress less when there are people around to love and adore them.


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