My udders ache just thinking about it.

The place I like to visit the least is the gross store. I mean the grocery store.
Sometimes I wonder if I could live on tomatoes and peppers from the garden only. 
But I also love cheese with my peppers and tomatoes and salad and potatoes and and and and and and and and….
I love cheese so much, there should be a warning sign in the dairy department with my photo on it. 
Then I think….hey, Suz, you are clever and hardworking, why don’t you learn how to make cheese? 
Then I think to mySUZself you have to get a cow to make cheese. 
Cows are SO cute…the big eyes….the long eyelashes…such gentle souls and I’d name my cow veronica. No, Elsie.  Elsie it is! 
She would have a nice little sheltered home next to my garden. 
Heated in the winter, fans in the summer of course. 
I’d wake up everyday and milk Elsie to make my cheese to accompany my tomatoes and peppers and salad and and and and….  
Of course, after all that milking, then I would feel complete udder empathy for Elsie. 
Poor Elsie’s udders. 
I might just give up cheese. You know….for udders sake.
The moral of this story is that I can likely just live on produce from the garden.
And maybe some imported cheese on occasion? 
Oh, I am udderly rotten. 

Everyone should spend the weekend at our house….

but NOT at the same time…could get kinda cramped.

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post. After talking it over with *professionals, I’m feeling much better about our safety. 

*Two seasoned sheriffs.
We are making some upgrades to our security system and I’m training the cats how to attack on command. So far, it’s not going so great, {cat nip makes them lazy} but I won’t give up. 
We had a great weekend with our fun company!! 
“Uncle Coach, why IS Aunt Suzanne taking our picture?”

 “Aunt Suzanne, please take a picture of me with Cocoa”  
 “Suzanne you can ONLY have ONE dog. I’m going to take Cocoa to my house and you can keep Ozzie.” 
Me: “Why don’t you want Ozzie?” 
Superboy: “Because he has that mole on his head”
{{yes, he is growing a weird non-lethal and non-pretty mole on his head}}
{SuperBoy was informed that after their summer vacation, HE can get a dog of his own…just ONE, that rule apparently applies to everyone. Just ONE}
Superboy: “Hey Dada, you take a picture with Ozzie.”

 “Let me put on my monkey hat with Cocoa”
Suz: “Don’t you know how sad we will be if Cocoa doesn’t live with us anymore?”
Superboy: “No thank you, I think you’ll be fine”
He is so polite as he is breaking my heart! 
We were able to get out for an adult dinner for Heather’s  b-day. The Coach had a tasting menu set up at a snazzy place downtown….a lot of fun with some *exotic food.
Everyone loved it. Well, me? I was ready to hit a burger joint salad bar afterwards as I was still hungry!
( *I don’t do veal or duck) 

Our weekend was full of belly laughs and joy….I hope yours was as well.