Living {almost} Like The Prez

We had a fabulous suite for our weekend in Vegas. Our friend Heather finagled the hook-up of hook-ups at the seasons of Four. We are talking a super duper Suite deal. 
The suite was 1700 square feet. I could not believe the size of it. Can you believe they offered us the Presidential suite prior to this….the nice young lady at reception: “The Presidential suite is a better size, at 2200 square feet.” 

We inquired as to what Presidents have stayed here. She just giggled, so I’m assuming it was Clinton. 
When we got in the elevator I said to the Coach: “She must know you are the President of your company and that you were once the President of the Girls Little League softball. “
I sat at the dining room table for 10 minutes, but not one waiter showed up so I moved on.

The reason for the suite was for all eight of us to have a ‘meeting spot.’ (poor photo)

We had a kitchen with a full size fridge. You know, for all our beer, wine, water, juice. 

There was even an office off the entryway. We felt the need to pull people in every once in a while and give them a good ‘talking’ to…
“Listen, I know you’re doing your best, but I think we have to let you go….”

The closet was so large, I recall napping in there right after I was fired.
The company was going in a ‘different direction’. 
I think the Coach is about to get fired by Don; that smile will soon fade. 
Yes, we are thirteen years old. Never mind the fact that most of the group hires and fires in real life….

I was fascinated by the dining room light. 

Yes, I’m usually fascinated by sparkly things. 

We lived large for a few days….so much fun that my face still hurts.
Don’t you know, I still want that sparkly round ball of light. I think it would look great in my closet.
Of course, I’ll need a dimmer to use during nap time. 

19 thoughts on “Living {almost} Like The Prez

  1. I'll say living large ~ looks like lots of fun !No we STILL has massive snow ,even I am ready to almost side with Honey Bee and take a trip to your house for some warm weather ! lol


  2. looks like big trouble!!! i was going to say that i might have sat longer in the dining room even with no waiter because the LIGHT IS SO COOL! it would look awesome in your new closet… but since it sounds like you didn't bring it home, a disco ball will have to do…


  3. Wow, girl! Looks like you had a very great time. Fan-say. That suite is bigger than my house. I'm so glad you could get away…and come home. ahem on the 36 hours that took. ; )


  4. I'm impressed. Your Vegas suite was as big as our house. Reading this is sure going to make our next room at Holiday Inn Express seem tiny (about the size of your closet, I guess!).


  5. They had to know Coach was presidential! Absolutely. : ) I love it. I love your adventures. I love your happiness. Can you please have Coach call me tomorrow because I want to hire him to make all the doors in my house bigger because of my big head. Please tell him to cut me a pricing break. Also, you will absolutely have to come along when he does the job. You are the one thing that is non negotiable. : )


  6. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to eat Wheaties that have been peed in. If you see someone near your Wheaties and they look suspicious, THROW THE BOWL OUT IMMEDIATELY. Do you understand?


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