Our friend Carlos, Superbowl and Elevator anxiety

 While planning our Vegas get-away,  the Coach purchased tickets to see Carlos Santana perform at the House Of Blues for Saturday night.
We had a beautiful dinner in the Foundation room prior to the show.
 What a night! What a show! SO much fun. Carlos Santana is still a great performer, showman, musician. (66 years old???)
You might have heard this little ditty a time or two:

Don and I might have been separated from the wolf pack late in the night–(anyone watch hangover 1?) but luckily someone found us and guided us back to our sweet suite.
I was surprised to NOT wake up next to Mike Tyson on Sunday morning.

Our Sunday morning was spent repenting the sins from the night before at the House of Blues Sunday Gospel Brunch. So fun….lovely music.

10 minutes later we were at the casino. So much for repenting….heathens.

For Superbowl we rented a party room at the top of the Madalay Bay. {foundation room} I think it’s  on the 61st floor…..have I mentioned that this is the trip where I realized I have ELEVATOR ANXIETY???

More on that later. This was a fun event. We had our own personal wait staff….no really, she was a nice girl. She had to dress like that for the job….not that Don or the Coach noticed!


Twas a fun time for all involved. Oh, and there was a football game going on. Did you know???

Ok, I think I’m done with talking about Vegas.
Three posts….that’s all I can do. I’m exhausted!

About that elevator anxiety…. it’s a real thing! (for me)
Happy VD!

15 thoughts on “Our friend Carlos, Superbowl and Elevator anxiety

  1. WOW! You all really packed a lot of activity into your weekend! Sounds like someone – or many persons did some great planning on this! Elevators don't bother me – – – unless they are over 10 floors. I HATE the ones that go super fast and are so high. They would have had to tranquilize me for yours on the 61st floor. I am sooo glad you had fun and made good memories with friends.


  2. I need to get me some of those waitress socks ( to go UNDER my 5 layers of longs johns here in WICKED WInter land~ hee hee) they look warm.Ya come on did you really think I'd wear em with a skirt ~ giggle.


  3. Anonymous

    Looks like a lot of fun, Suz! I don't do elevators….the 1\” step into our house makes me nervous!Happy Hearts Day to my favorite peeps! Love you guys.


  4. I got trapped in an elevator when I was a child on a Saturday morning in my dad's office building. So far I handle elevators ok though, but then again I haven't been trapped again. If it ever happens I might go bazonkers.You guys live the life, I'll tell you! Your Vegas adventures sound seriously fun!


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