Nipping MaryJane

Last week I was perusing the plant section at the depot with my niece when we came across catnip. She said I should plant some for the orangies. Apparently I was at a weak moment and I purchased 2 catnip plants and some cat grass too. 
Cat grass… in grass for cats to eat. Not grass made out of cats. {Whew}
Within 15 minutes of planting the greens Maisy (I refer to her as ‘the crotchety’ one) was all over the catnip.
Here’s the proof:

She was drooling and rolling all over ONE leaf~~ heaven!
Later I caught her eating some of the grass. Wow~~instant entertainment for the felines and ME!
Hey, Cocoa—-you’re not a cat!
On Saturday we had a full house….someone saw the catnip and said: 
You know what that smells like, don’t you?
Me: No? What? as I picked a leaf, squished it and INHALED…my brain was instantly transferred to any of the thousands of concerts I’ve attended.  
That smell?? More MaryJane than anything cat like. 
No wonder Maisy was drooling and chillaxing….then of course she had the munchies! 
On the upside, her glaucoma has improved greatly. 
I might need to purchase a one way ticket to Colorado for my old crotchety one; this made her less crotchety!


20 thoughts on “Nipping MaryJane

  1. My cats love it too…except my cat gets into the planter and sleeps in it after rubbing it thoroughly! Needless to say it doesn't last long.Happy Pres Day!


  2. Funny – – – especially when you are innocently trying to enhance the daily lives of your kitties – – – and then it's suggested the plant smells like it's illegal. Our animals sure do bring many smiles to our days, don't they?!!!


  3. HA HA —great blog… SO—I might need some of the Catnip, to help me get over the 'grumps'…. I have had a UTI and it keeps me awake at nights. I'm desperate for some sleep –but since I went to the doctor today, I hopefully will be able to get a good night's sleep tonight —and be less grumpy!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  4. A friend of mine grows 'it'…it being catnip..not mahweewahwee…and she gave some to our kitty. Same exact reaction! Happiness all over the place…and it was just a leaf or two. And I guess I'm just a naive girl because to me it smells like tea. Or at least that's the story I'm sticking with. ; )


  5. This is one of the best cat-watching activities: giving them \”treats\” and watching what happens. One caveat: there is a thing called \”catMINT\” and it has very pretty purple blossoms, but watch out! It made our cats aggressive, and they started to fight each other (more than normal sibling rivalry) – so we aren't going to plant any of that stuff!


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