P is for Puple

Way back in the early ages…you know, when my kids WERE early aged…
Linds could not say her ‘r’s.
She had the cutest speech impediment ever. Gosh, I’m kinda mad that she speaks correctly now!

Anyhoo…in kindergarten they had these songs to learn colors and spell them;  I still sing: P is for puuppple when I bring up anything purple related.

Ok, enough about Lindsay and the fact that she can now pronounce all letters {Grrrrrr}…this post is actually about my Lolo.

A few months ago while at the hair salon, Lolo spoke to our stylist about adding in some purple highlights.
She suggested that purple extensions would be the way to go, as the color would not fade. Lo asked my opinion, and I’m usually very opinionated.
 It’s your money, its your hair. 
Lo booked an appointment and made a down payment on her purple locks.

If she wants to express her personality with some purple hair, I’m ok with that. 
Tattoos, well that’s another story.

 I love her ‘do. She’s had them in about a month and they should last 3-4 months. 
When you are young, cute and hip…you can pull off purple highlights. 
{I keep my purple highlights on my legs…I call them very-close veins}

I’m thinking about getting white or silver highlight/extensions…you know, just so I can see the future today.

26 thoughts on “P is for Puple

  1. Those look really pretty. You are right that you can look good in that kind of stuff when you are young. Plus she is so beautiful to start with. You want to know what you future looks like? Cut and paste my hair on your head!!! Hope your day is as beautiful as your girls!!!


  2. She is sooo pretty, and I love her hair! Good call, Mom – hair color is not permanent; tattoos are.I've been rocking the silver/white highlights for some time now (and so has Gregg); the future is here! 😉


  3. Coodos to you for letting your daughter express herself. I always liked to say, I choose my battles, and hair color wasn't one of them. By the way, your daughter is gorgeous.


  4. Very-close Veins, huh?????? Made me laugh outloud…. That pupppppple looks good on Lolo. Of course, ANYTHING she wears or does would look good on her. Such a beautiful gal! (They both are!)Hugs,Betsy


  5. oh i love her hair!! and i am rolling at your very close purple highlights…i have those too! how funny you are….and i so relate about how cute it was when they couldn't pronounce stuff. i also never corrected them because it was too adorable for them to learn the correct way ha! i remember ashlyn use to call sparkles \”smarkles\” and i still call them smarkles to this day…well actually, there are alot of things she used to mispronounce that i still keep it going 😀


  6. I love it…it's very subtle..which for purple hair is kinda a good thing. lol I love it..oh, I already said that. ; ) I have silver extensions too..we could be twins. LOL


  7. OH THEY ARE PRETTY!!! a few years ago there was a girl at publix with very dark hair and she had teal streaks… and it was so striking!!!! lolo's puppppple looks fun. just like she is! and i guess if her work doesn't care, then YAY! laura would love to have some streaks (pobably blue) but that is not allowed at the zoo. tatttoos either!! HOORAY!


  8. Anonymous

    I have silver natural highlights. They've shifted though. While they used to come in in lovely strands, they are now just sort of all-over. My stylist does this magical thing where she covers them up. (note to self: need to call stylist.) Love the purple! My Gen had them done (not extensions, but purple high lights) last fall for spirit week and they lasted all of 5 days. FIVE DAYS, for $90. No thanks…


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