I’d Smack That…

…person who decided to put a non-removable sticker on the mirror/glass that I’ve purchased. Wish I knew when I purchased that mirror/glass object that I’d need 2 gallons of chemicals to remove it. Holy Chemical overdose.

…person who loves to always share with you the things they *DON’T DO…or *DON’T NEED in their lives. *insert many things here:_____smart phones, TV/cable, dinner out, pretty shoes, name-brand purses, you name it.
Does that make you a better human being? 
No. I just makes you a blabber mouth. {we all know that recycling makes you a better human being!}
Down with the blabber mouth.

…person over 23 doing the selfies. I see them on FB. I see them on Blogs. (baby bump pics are necessary and enjoyable as are photos of your new glasses or ‘do) It’s one thing for you to update your profile pic, but another to, well, it’s only ok to update your profile pic when you get a new hairstyle or specs. That is the law. Don’t make me enact a citizens arrest on your butt.

…person who feels the need to take up two or three parking spots….oh wait, I’ve already covered that. Who fondly remembers my run in with the crack wh*re? Those were the good ol’ days!

Wishing you all a great weekend low on chemical overdoses, minus blabber mouths, self involved people and no run-ins with parking lot crack wh*res!

Click here for my latest selfie. 

Seriously, you clicked?
Gosh, I love you!

24 thoughts on “I’d Smack That…

  1. THANK YOU for making an exception for new specs and hairdos – because I am that person, on both counts. And if I can catch Gregg smiling in any photo, selfie or otherwise, I'm always tempted to post! ;)Have a wonderful weekend, Suz! Hugs to you!


  2. You are just so funny…. People who take selfies really LIKE themselves… In some ways, that can be a good thing. I went through so many years being FAT and UGLY (in my mind) that I never wanted a picture taken of me.. Then I lost weight and became happy with myself. SO–having photos of me splashed around don't bother me much anymore. HOWEVER, I hate the close-up selfies of me –since the wrinkles really do show up BIGTIME… ha ha I remember your encounter with that person –and the person who parked in 2-3 parking spots…. Gads!!!! Here's another one for you: those able-bodied people who park in handicap places…. THEY need a good SMACK, don't you think????Have a great weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  3. We had new windows installed – – 23 of them – – – let's talk about glue from the stickers – – – – a very well-known window company. I called them. He apologized – – – gave me the suggestions I was using – – had to buy a razor scraper – – – they said they would send a service person out if nothing worked. Shall we talk about how tempted I was to do that?!!!! They need to let some of us run the world, don't they? Oh wait – – – I retired cuz I don't want to do that anymore!!!!!


  4. I completely agree with you about those stickers on mirrors and glass. If you find out who to smack let me know. As far as your other 'smackees' are concerned, I'll do my best to avoid falling into those categories.


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