I never know who I’m going to run into…even when I run into them.

The Coach forced me to attend THREE college basketball games this week. 
The coach noticed some ball-playas in the vicinity of us during our second game this week. 
Red Sox who?
Four of the Boston Red Sox. 
 Ummm…I know nothing, but looked them up. 
One of these guys has a paycheck that looks similar to 10.5 million a year.

We have SO much in common. I mean really, I have the same t-shirt from Old Navy!
(the coach knew all their names: Gomes, Ross, Napoli, Pedroia?)

Seriously though, they were very nice guys and none of them were wearing colored socks. 
On another Boston note, Lindsay is going to Boston next week.
(she is marching in the St. Patty’s parade) 
Can you believe I had to go out and purchase winter SOCKS and a JACKET for her? She had neither.
Not a jacket to be found for this child in our house. Bikinis? yeah, we have plenty of those.
{in case you were concerned, she isn’t marching by herself….she’ll be with her band}
We attended our third game on Sunday afternoon. (our peeps lost sadly)

When we got home I noticed something different. Oh, yeah, that dang time change!!!

The sun was in a different spot and everything seemed chill & calm.

Me: Look at the sun and pool! It’s gorgeous!!!
Oh, yeah, Cocoa was thinking the SAME thing!!
Oh, much better minus the boxer. 🙂
Our weather has been spectacular. I almost hate to admit it and then jinx myself. 
A great weekend here in our neck of the woods. 
Did you have to purchase warm clothes for the cold or sunscreen for the sun? How about socks?

15 thoughts on “I never know who I’m going to run into…even when I run into them.

  1. Anonymous

    So, will either of your daughters be marrying one of these multi million dollar guys and then supporting you for the rest of your life? Hmmm, is that Coach's plan? LOL


  2. Your Coach is amazing – I would never have known who those guys were! Yes, as a matter of fact, we did buy socks (& shoes) for a certain college student this weekend. We went to Nordstrom's Rack – one of my FAVorite places. I would have loved a stop at Old Navy, too, but that wasn't on the radar this trip.Are you going to Boston as a chaperone? It can be freaking cold up there! Even when it's cold, the Bostonians love their ice cream, so be sure that Linds keeps her eyes open for some of their good stuff.Your sunny pool looks like paradise!


  3. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!! We are huge Red Sox fans! HUGE! And of course your husband knew all of their names!!! They all played on the World Series Winning 2013 Red Sox! So jealous! ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. My husband knew all of them. What I notice is how young they look! That kind of money is crazy but can you put a price on being on the road so much of the year? And to get to do what you love for a job?!!! That was an excellent shot of your pool – – the best one I have seen on your blog. It makes it looks like a resort.


  5. I rooted for Boston in the series so yes…I totally knew who they were :)As for the weather…SUNSCREEN!!! Totally lovely here after some rain. Going to be close to 80 come the weekend :)Sorry about your peeps losing…but you can always root for my SDSU Mens' basketball team!!


  6. ha, i wouldn't known who they were either! i'm glad your daughter is marching with her band and not all alone, that would be kind of weird lol…how fun to spend st patrick's in boston! your pool looks awesome!


  7. she'd be GRAND on her own! but nice that she is letting the band march, too 🙂 what day are you leaving?!?! sunday's game was so sad… i could not watch the last 15 minutes… tooooooo stressful for me!


  8. My husband would have fallen over dead if I had my picture taken with 4 baseball players. He's a fan. We go to baseball games in whatever city we happen to be vacationing. One year for my birthday I had to go to a college football game, a major league baseball game, and an NFL game in the same weekend. Yes, MY birthday. ha!


  9. I couldn't identify a single sports player if I tripped over him/her. Not my thing. but I'll bet some people would practically kill to be in the same photo with famous, uh, whatever players. The pool sure does look inviting.


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