Where the hookers enter and sleeping on the safe side.

While walking the streets of Boston we couldn’t avoid this sign. 

 Lo and I were wondering where the “special” hookers were supposed to enter….I’m not insinuating we were entering in either entrance. 

Did I ever mention that Lolo was a very active toddler? When I say active, I mean hyperactive. 
There was a time that I thought she would be an only child; she drove me so nutty that even my uterus was nervous. 
What I wouldn’t have given to have had a seatbelt on her bed back then. 
Our hotel room in Boston had a king bed so we ordered up a rollaway because Lo hasn’t slept in our bed since she was born. 
She thought the ‘seat belt’ was to keep her from falling out the window. 
Heck, it wouldn’t hurt….but she isn’t as hyper as she used to be. Thank.the.good.Lord.
If you laughed at either of those, then my work here is done. 
Wishing you a happy weekend, may it be low on hookers and crossing my fingers you aren’t strapped down. 
Oh, wait, that just turned my blog from G to PG 13….the ratings these days!


18 thoughts on “Where the hookers enter and sleeping on the safe side.

  1. You have made me smile. How you think of these things is beyond me. You and my husband would be a pair to have in a room together. He finds puns in everything and you find humor.


  2. I did get quite a laugh! I thought I was looking at a hospital for hookers at first. I thought, well I'm sure they all need one for rehab. I shouldn't say that. When my daughter was little we watched \”Hook,\” with Robin Williams and Julia Roberts. The little girl told Hook, \”You're just a mean old man without a mommy.\” So when she would talk about someone on the street drunk, I'd say, \”He's just a sad man without a mommy. When the girls at school were mean to her I'd say, she's just a sad little girl without a daddy.\” It was usually true. How did I go there?


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