Spicy, green, Irish droppings and keeping my colon in good shape.

I took a little trip in the garden yesterday. Trip? Wait, not an acid trip although if you could read my mind while in the garden one would wonder…
A weed trip is what I was there for.
A weedING trip was the intention. My usual Sunday weeding trip. 
Cayenne peppers I grew for Lo’s b-friend. Hot peppers are not my friend.
I would call this Cayenne-not for Suz and her colon. 

Banana peppers ARE my friend….my colon is not offended by their sweetness at all. 

This is the first time I tried to grow Oprah. I mean Okra. I’ll let you know how it works out. 

Clovers. Did you know I planted clovers? I didn’t. Apparently leprechauns thought my garden was a litter box. 

I’ve got a variety of squashes growing. (zucchini, yellow & spaghetti) You’d think I was excited, but all I can focus on is the leprechaun droppings. 

Jalapenos also for Lo’s b-friend. I have such an allergic reaction to them, that my face started itching/burning just uploading this pic. 
I also have a lot of green tomatoes and green bell peppers. I’m crossing my fingers that they turn red before it becomes 97*….which could be any minute now. 
I apologize if you are still dealing with snow/cold….but I didn’t tell you where to live.  
Hey, did you just give me the finger? 

Not appropriate.
Happy monday my friends!!

16 thoughts on “Spicy, green, Irish droppings and keeping my colon in good shape.

  1. We love growing peppers and tomatoes in our garden! My son is excited because this year he wants to try to cross breed some peppers. We'll see how that goes. Unfortunately, we don't even have anything in the ground yet. Hopefully it will be warm enough in the next couple of weeks to get to planting. And we usually don't see our peppers until the end of the summer. Oh well! Enjoy yours!


  2. I am soooo ready to start planting and sowing seeds. Sadly mother nature decided we needed another cold spell this week. (I'm starting to think she's on an acid trip.) It was right around freezing this morning and we're expecting a low of 26 one night this week. 😦 Your garden looks great, guess I'll have to live vicariously through you until we get ours started…


  3. I am excited to see your garden. Fresh produce is the best. Our SIL would help with the hot peppers but I don't want any part of them either. I have a \”tender\” mouth. However I love a sweet red bell pepper and love the green ones, too – – especially if you have an onion dip to accompany them.


  4. spaghetti squash?! i would like to place an order now please! those peppers are so pretty… even the hot ones {fiesta!} i guess you should not be away from home on st. patrick's day… lesson learned!


  5. I would give you the finger if I could. I need a freaking space heater for under my desk at work this morning. Brrrr! : )Happy Monday to one of the hottest Florida girls I know.


  6. I haven't ventured out to deal with my garden yet. We had to do milky spore to get rid of grubs that destroyed everything last year. Boo. I love your pretty garden…and I envy your weather. Now. : ) Enjoy the yummy healthy goodness and the weather while it holds. I keep wondering if summer will ever get here, she says while typing this in a turtle neck. At least it's sunny, : )


  7. No snow here but much needed rain….I rode my bike to work and hitched a ride home…no longer the die-hard rain rider.As for the garden…AWESOME! Wish I lived closer as I would make some awesome salsa for you from your garden!Happy Tuesday!


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