We’ve got crabs, yes we do, we’ve got crabs how about you?

You know when you sit down at your desk to work on the tediousness of financial housekeeping….it’s  never fun. 
But when you sit down to work on this tediousness and in the background you hear: 
squeak, scratch, squeak, scratch, scratch scratch, squeak
well that is even more distracting. 
Lolo has crabs.
She has crabs intentionally and is keeping them in our laundry/office/craft room.
(last week they were on the dining room table, so this is an improvement?)
This is purely science. I think.
She has to perform some scientific/psychology experiments on them regarding ‘conditioning’. 
I found that to be weird….since they don’t even have hair that could be conditioned. 
 She doesn’t just have them for fun….but if she could, she certainly would. 

These crabs shouldn’t be so crabby….they have a room with a view. 

 Dr. Doolittle LoLo has diagnosed this one as anti-social. See, he won’t come out of his shell. 
She has 15 of them right now. Ok, make that 14. One that we purchased was only the ‘house’ and not the crab….thank goodness we have a receipt. 
What will we do with them with her project is over? 
I have a feeling they will all be named AND will get a stocking for Christmas morning.
Oye Vey, I’m feeling crabby.

21 thoughts on “We’ve got crabs, yes we do, we’ve got crabs how about you?

  1. Please don't tell me this is something I might have to look forward to… I think I'd get pretty crabby myself if we had to get a bunch of them for an experiment.


  2. FOURTEEN!?!?!?!?! oh.my.word. that is a small village!!! you are very kind to let them in YOUR room! but yes, better than the dining room table. i would beware of where else she has them stashed!!! {eek! the new closet?!?!}


  3. We've had them several times as pets. So far we haven't been able to keep any of them alive over a year. They molt and then they seem to die. Even though we gave them special saline solutions for it. They're easy pets though!


  4. My granddaughter keeps a half dozen crabs and I'm always suprised at how social they are. The experiment should be interesting, maybe interesting enough to merit Christmas stockings for all.


  5. I have never cared for critters that weren't mammals. Are these the kind of crabs you can take to the beach for a permanent home later? Not buy them one of course but let them build or dig their own.


  6. Yikes! I'm so afraid of crabs. Honest to goodness-the fun kind AND the not so fun kind:). During my recent back-to-school at 50 trial (I'm a drop out!) they made an announcement not to use the restrooms. They found crabs. Yes, the kind you don't want! I haven't heard of such since I was a little girl.


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