I’ve got the funk; the creeping crud.

I’m not overly dramatic, but I’ve already secured the venue, caterer and bartenders for my “celebration of life” party.
Still investigating DJ’s, but rest assured, you’re all going to have a great time!
I’m thinking an 80’s theme would be fun. Suggestions? Ideas?
Ok. It might just be a severe cold with a hideous cough. 
But you never know….
The Coach brought home some great cough medicine that seems to work….liquid plumber duramax or perhaps its mucinex? Nah….it’s the first one.

Maisy-yes, that is exactly how I’m feeling.  

Who has time to be sick?
Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Ozzie: Mama-why are you laying down on the grass like that?
Suz:  I was taking a look at the garden when all of a sudden, my head felt like it weighed 100lbs.
Ozzie: Oh, I feel like that sometimes too, but usually because Cocoa IS laying on my head at the time. 

Coach’s dad turns 70 this week and a huge party is in order for Saturday. I’ve got to get my health together so I can be a helper AND enjoyer. 
Wishing you all a healthy and fun weekend!

23 thoughts on “I’ve got the funk; the creeping crud.

  1. I've had the creeping crud this week, too. Hubby had it last week and I guess he felt the need to share… Hope you'll feel better in time for the party!


  2. Go to the doctor. don't wait. If it's what was going around up here, it gets worse for four days and hangs on almost 10 days. As you said – – a horrible cough and NO energy. Praying you feel better fast because the party sounds great.


  3. Oh boy ~ could it be Spring allergies my head explodes in Spring ( not a pretty sight) .Hope you feel better , that party sounds too fun to miss.Psst ~ Ozzie you gorgeous Boxer you Cricket sends a bark out .


  4. There's nothing worse than a bad cold during beautiful weather. I hope Coach's mystery medicine works and you're able to enjoy the birthday party this weekend. Get well.


  5. Wishing you well, Suz, and soon! I hope you will go ahead and take a rest – preferably not on the lawn – whenever you're tired. Let your body repair itself, especially with those cold medications on board; those can really knock you out! Hugs and healing wishes from me!


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