The one where I mimic The Walking Dead

Perhaps I shouldn’t have binged watched three seasons in three weeks
{It’s a great show, if you can look past all the decapitations}
Things I might have said this past week:
*I really think I need to drink some liquid plumber. It’s as though I have a clog between my lungs and my throat; I cough it upwards, it goes back down. I cough it upwards, it goes back down. It just won’t exit.  Go towards the LIGHT damnitt!

*Me: Linds, I paid some bills this morning. I had to write 3 checks and for the life of me, I could not remember if I used my 1st name MIDDLE INITIAL and last name in my signature or just my 1st and last name. 
Linds: We can’t blame that on the sickness mom, you might have dementia. 

*I’m not going to the Doctor. They just throw antibiotics at you and I don’t want to go down that road. Surely, I can beat this with positive thoughts, orange juice and perhaps some magic crystals. 

*How come I don’t ever get that kind of sick where you don’t have an appetite? I’m eating as much as usual but I haven’t burnt a calorie in days. 
{I looked it up, violent coughing doesn’t count as exercise.}

*I feel as though I’m turning…Lolo, please find something sharp!
 {a Walking Dead reference}

Then I threw in the towel. 
It was Tuesday at three a.m, I staggered to the back of the house (away from my sleeping people) with my 14th coughing fit for the night.. 
I stared down at the three cages of hermit crabs and wondered if they too were sick of hearing me cough all night.  

Suz, you are going to the Doctor tomorrow….even if it kills you. 
{I said that, not the hermit crabs}
So, I went to the Dr. and yes, she threw antibiotics and cough meds at me.
Like the weak human I am, I took them.

I’ll be back to my old sassy self in a few days; no big pickle.
I only hope that I remember how to sign a check next week.
Don’t cry for me Argentina go feeling sorry for me, but do tell me something good that’s happened to you this week….
or else I’ll be forced to cough in your general direction. 

18 thoughts on “The one where I mimic The Walking Dead

  1. Must be decaptiation week !I watched three seasons of Game of Thrones in two weeks ~ as I had never watched it before heard all the hype, tuned intoon Demand got hooked and couldn't look away.They hack up a lot of odd things there too .Off with their heads !


  2. Nooo, don't cough in my direction – I just got over a nasty cold. Not sure if it's my imagination, or if it really did help, but try rubbing vicks vapo rub on the bottoms of your feet before you go to sleep. It is supposed to keep you from coughing and I believe it worked for me. Nadia is really into the walking dead and sort of has us hooked on it too. I need to start from the beginning thought to really get caught up. Hope you'll feel better soon!


  3. my boys love that show but i've just not ever gotten into it for some reason…i guess i should catch up on netflix…i hope you are feeling sassy again soon…hmmm, something good this week..nothing out of the ordinary good, but hey, i'm alive and that's great!


  4. Sounds like you were overdue for the antibiotics. Last time I let a cough linger and linger (and then decided to run a marathon in cold and wind with said cough) I ended up with pneumonia. Best to nip it in the bud before you get to that point.Walking Dead is a cool show but it's just soooo gory.


  5. One good thing that happened to me is that the NCAA Tournament is FINALLY over. I love college basketball but all my teams lost out early in the process. Had no one to pull for.My husband is totally addicted to Game of Thrones and my son to Walking Dead. I don't watch either of them. Feel better soon.


  6. I hate meds too but I'm glad you got some. Sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do to get well. Hoping you feel better within a few days. You need to be spending your nights in your cozy bed…not with your little crab friends. ; )


  7. Anonymous

    I for one am glad you aren't turning… that would be bad. I'd hate to see you stabbed in the head. Really. And blog posts that went ARGG, ARGGG wouldn't be nearly as witty… that's all you'd write as a Walker… FEEL BETTER!!!


  8. I'm sorry you've had the crud but glad you finally got some drugs. The coughing can only go on so long. I've had it for several weeks, 1 round of antibiotics, daily asthma & allergy meds, and nothing has really helped all that much. At least I don't feel terrible so I'm sure mine is totally the fault of the oak trees in my yard. Feel better soon!


  9. I so hate you caught what we had a few weeks ago. Is it my imagination or is it the worst \”cold\”/\”virus\”/almost flu you have ever had?!!!! I only wish I had gone to the doctor earlier with mine. By the time it hit me really, really hard, I didn't have the energy to even change clothes. Anyway – – – – something good – – – our daughter and grandson stayed a couple of nights with us while our son-in-law was out of town at a conference for work. So we got lots of extra loving in on our precious sweet little boy!!!


  10. So Sorry! So far my class just has sneezy allergies from the rain and then weather gone mad to 80 degrees…all that pollen. I don't want the sicky!Take care!


  11. can you just be better now? please? i can't stand you being sick!!! and crabby!!! who will eat with me when i get hungry?!?! but seriously… only you could make me laugh over you sickness… 🙂 call me when you are done being crabby!!!!


  12. I'm sorry you've had so much illness in your home and family circle! Yuck. May fresh winds blow the \”crud\” away, leaving you rested and breathing freely. xoxo


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