And that’s kinda how I felt

Our family timeline:
Coach got sick
Suz got sick
Coach got better
Suz still sick
Coach got sick again
Linds got sick
Suz still sick
Coach got sicker
Lo got sick
Lo got better
Linds is on the upswing
Suz and Coach are still coughing like maniacs.
Linds is getting better
No, Ozzie isn’t ‘crossing over’, he’s just disgusted with all of our coughing. 
Lolo thinks we’re all sissies because her sickness lasted approx 12 hours. 
Apparently she’s a ‘speed reader healer’. 
{The Coach & I have upper respiratory infections, Linds was diagnosed with the flu and Lolo perhaps had a bad enchilada?}

Hows your health?

22 thoughts on “And that’s kinda how I felt

  1. We are doing as good as can be expected for two persons in their sixth decade of life. I so hate you all have had to deal with that sickness. Bill caught it after I did. Does your stomach feel like you did at least 100 sit-ups at once? My muscles under my rib cage were sooooo sore for a couple of days. Lolo is very, very, very fortunate the virus didn't get her in its grip, too. You all deserve a treat somewhere once everyone gets healed!


  2. Anonymous

    We feel incredibly lucky to not have been sick with colds or flu bugs this winter nor so far this spring. I guess it's probably because we just don't come into contact with many people living out here in the sticks of Virginia. Sorry you and your household have been battling this crud and hope you are ALL back on your feet soon enjoying some sunshine… xox


  3. For the first time in many years, both my husband and I got a GI virus (the Norovirus). It didn't linger too long and I washed all the clothes and linen and scrubbed everything we touched with bleach. Hope all of you are better soon.


  4. Bless your hearts… I hope you had the 'maid' totally de-germ your home!!!!! ha…. You must have passed your 'bug' on to us… George and I NEVER get sick –but both of us are suffering this week. Think our problems are mostly allergies —but they still make us feel pretty lousy at times… Take care of YOU —and that precious family.Hugs,Betsy


  5. well I'm fine, thanks. But we did have the 100 day cough in the Okanagan – people were dropping like flys. My 100 day cough thankfully only lasted for 82 days. Rum and Neocitran is what I used – its not a cure but you won't care that you're sick – and every time you walk by the couch, stop and lay down on it. Feel better soon Suz.


  6. Had my bad spell at Christmas. Oh it was just lovely! (cough, cough) I really hope you feel better soon. I know it's miserable.Get lots of rest, and take that medicine! Don't forget a hot bath with epsom salts. Draws all that crap out of your system!


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