So, how do they get the milk out of it?

After a full day of busyness at home, {cleaning, exercising, gardening, laundry, organizing, bill paying, future planning} Lolo and I settled in to watch the most recent episode of Game Of Thrones.
{You know my day isn’t complete without beheadings, pillaging or a massacre or two}

Around 10:15 we were both heading to bed when I noticed the three cats finally playing together on the lanai….then I remembered: our cats DON’T PLAY TOGETHER because they are CAT HATERS.
Which is ironic.
Upon closer inspection, they were torturing a poor {juvenile sized}innocent snake; similar to the Game Of Thrones episode I’ve just watched.

Lolo and I  spent a good 10 minutes saving this poor snake from the felines.
All the while saying: Is it a corn snake? Is it a coral snake? 

Then we were going over that silly saying: black touches yellow, kill a fellow, red touches yellow kill a fellow….black touches yellow and then I was thinking of that crazy rap song black and yellow-black and yellow…when a better old rap song intruded….I said a hip hop, hippie to the hippie. The hip, hop a hop, and you don’t stop, a rock to the bang bang boogie, say up jump the boogie….to the rhythm of the boogie…the beat. 

See, I’m easily distracted. And I love the classic music.
Most moments usually end up with me singing an old song and looking like an a-hole.
An a-hole with rhythm.

Picture borrowed from the internet-our snake was much smaller, but just as colorful. 

Finally Lolo determined it was a milk snake.
So, THIS is there where milk comes from?
Well, someone has some ‘splainin to do. I couldn’t even see any udders!
Anyhoo. We saved a snake. Again.
But if you ask the snake, he probably would have rather endured ‘death by cats’ than to hear me rapping.

22 thoughts on “So, how do they get the milk out of it?

  1. all of these years and i did not know you had a hidden talent for rapping!!! so i want to know… did you save he snake by releasing him? or keeping him as a pet?


  2. HA HA —made me laugh…. Cute post –and I'd love to here you RAP… Please write this down in your big book of future dates… Suz raps at Betsy's FUNERAL…. I want my funeral to be HAPPY and JOYFUL —so that should do it. Okay????? THANKS ahead of time!Where was Coach? Where was Linds??? SO–you and Lo had to get rid of that snake all by your poor little selves???? That would scare me to death since I don't DO snakes –no matter what color they am!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  3. My wife and I found a milk snake recently in our woods. ( had to look it up on line, I know nothing of snakes) but that looks bigger than ours. Reading your pos again brought a smile to my face and had me thinking, have you ever considered decaf? LOL. Have a great day.


  4. Suz, I only opened this posting because I love you. I have been avoiding it because of that doggone photo. Please, I can't stand snakes. I can deal with spiders, but not snakes.I'm going to go lie down now and try to get this image out of my head.. xoxo


  5. Susan Walker

    I still like to rap RUN DMC, era 1986 or so, whenever I want to really annoy my children: The other day when I was chillin' in Kentucky Fried Chicken, this dude walks in lookin' strange and kinda funny; went up to the counter, a menu and his money. He didn't walk straight – kinda side-to-side – he asked the old lady, \”Hey, is this Kentucky Fried?\” The lady said yes, smiled, and he smiled back. He gave a quarter and his order: small fries, Big Mac! 'Cause he be illin'.As an aside: the snake also be illin'. GAH!!!!!!!!!Something tells me we'd get along splendidly.


  6. I always know when we have a snake on the patio because the cats are all lined up looking at it like, \”you get it!\” \”no, YOU get it!\” \”Someone go get Mom, SHE can get it!\” I swear they would point if they could. We have mostly black snakes. Quickest way to get over a fear of creepy things is to move to Florida.


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