My talents will never cease to amaze you.

 A few months ago someone mentioned to me that hula hooping burns calories and after a few weeks of daily hooping you’ll resemble a super model…minus the crabby face and cocaine addiction.

So, I purchased one from here-I got the 3lb version and I’ve been using it when I workout at home.
(Lets not share this with the peeps at my old people gym, they might get jelly that I still have my original hips)

It’s actually fun and easy to do while watching the boob tube. After a few days, I was able to go both directions. I know. I too was impressed with myself. I can do 15-20 minutes easily.
I shot a quick video just in case you didn’t believe I’m a professional hooper now.

The bad news is I’m not resembling a super model, although I’ve perfected the crabby/hungry face.
The good news is I’ve been approached by 1 circus and 2 carnivals for side work.
Suz the Hellacious Hooper….coming to a town near you.

So, have you hooped lately?

Have a great weekend!!

17 thoughts on “My talents will never cease to amaze you.

  1. i had to find this post from one of my blogger pals. she began hooping a while ago and has done SO well with her exercise, weight loss, and TALENT! :)


  2. I'm definitely impressed. I could never get the hula hoop to cooperate many years ago when it was the newest craze. This time around I'll just be in awe of your talent. Have a great weekend.


  3. Well–they say that we always should try to do exercise that we enjoy…. Sounds like you have a winner there… AND–if you can work in the carnival also on the side, WELL—that's even better….Just think what interesting characters you will meet working in the carnival or circus… You would NEVER run out of blog topics!!!!! haI enjoy walking —so that is the extent of my exercise these days….Hugs,Betsy


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