I found some crotch pretties in the yard.

The secret is….placing your non flowering orchids in the crotch. Of a tree. 
And it works. Over and over again. 
People love to give orchids as gifts, but they only bloom inside (for me) for so long…then outside they go to be one with nature. 
Well, the blooming is happening now…as it does several times a year. 
This one is in one of the oak trees along our driveway. 
Luckily we have several trees that do contain crotch space. 
MOST of our trees though are palm trees….
and you know what they say about palm trees: They are crotchless. 

This one is in a large oak in the back yard….our family’s favorite tree. 

Also in our favorite oak tree in the back yard. 

They are neighbors!!
We had a nice weekend. Getting things done around the house and the Coach and I donated a lot of $ to Costco yesterday. {Our freezer/fridge is filled!} 
It’s getting hot ’round here…..but we haven’t melted yet…..but I’m stocking up on deodorant!
Did you find anything interesting growing in crotches lately?
Ok, that sounded bad.
Did you see any interesting sights this weekend?

22 thoughts on “I found some crotch pretties in the yard.

  1. i wonder why that is? so interesting! we had a doubleheader baseball game on saturday then went to roanoke for a cinco de mayo celebration…saw lots of interesting sights there due to alcohol lol


  2. Do you leave them out all year round? Not sure if it would work in our area, I'd be worried they would be eaten by squirrels in the summer and killed by frost in the winter. Do critters bother your crotch orchids?


  3. So prettty…and so strange at the same time. lol It's getting hot here too…supposed to be over 95 today. And it's just May. Scares me a little bit. : /


  4. this morning was so nice… and yesterday!!!!! oh it was gorgeous. can't we vote on this? to keep this weather year 'round? instead of the 90s that they are predicting all week? ugh. your orchids are lovely… even if they are in crotches…


  5. Suz, how many weirdos are now trolling your website because you used that word? I could make a lot of jokes here, but I will refrain…but your orchids are really beautiful!


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