My last prom ever.

My longtime readers (all 4 of you) will remember how many prom dresses I’ve purchased over the last five years….9? 16? 42?

Well, mostly people will  remember me whining about how I never NEVER went to a prom.

Actually, I never attended a high school dance.
Heck, I’m making up for it now, so lets skip that pity party for a moment. 
Linds had her last prom this past weekend….and this might be my favorite dress yet. 
I also need to note that this is the most expensive dress yet…. 
Five minutes on the highway towards the East coast to purchase it, I was pulled over by a trooper and given a ticket for dark tint on my windows. 
Yep, I’m an outlaw of great proportions.

Thelma and Louise
I’m so proud of Lindsay for so many reasons…..and the fact that she ‘let her boyfriend go’ a few weeks before prom is one of them. (after 1& 1/2 years!) 

The fact that she knows what is best for her isn’t always the easy path is a very mature move. 
I made these two from scratch!

 She went to prom even though she wasn’t very excited for it at the moment. 
I’m proud that she followed through knowing that if she didn’t go, she’d regret it later.  
Plus, to let that dress just hang in the closet would be an actual crime!
She is the
This week we have senior awards night, band awards night, finishing two virtual classes, plus those real classes and finishing her volunteer hours to seal her scholarships.
Can you believe she graduates in a few weeks….and starts college a few weeks after that?

My head….it’s a spinnin’!

21 thoughts on “My last prom ever.

  1. aw she's beautiful, that dress was made for her! i'm glad she went! oh mom, it's hard isn't it?! my son's prom is this weekend…i'm working after prom…i've done it since my daughter's proms!


  2. Anonymous

    what a unique, gorgeous, and 'stand out from the rest' style dress. She sounds like one smart cookie to have let the guy go. Most girls would be too insecure to do that right before prom. Good for her! xox


  3. You sure make some pretty babies!! She looks gorgeous in that dress and it sounds like she's a smart cookie, too. 🙂 Good luck these next few weeks, sounds like it'll be a very busy time for you all.


  4. i did not know about that ticket?!?! yikes! so… now you are in the system for dark tint?!?!?! anyway, this girl looked gorgeous!!! i hope she DID have fun even without the boy. especially? now… if you keep stashing away the prom dress $$ every year you could have a great retirement fund!


  5. You are right…. I said this to myself when I first saw that dress on Facebook.. This is definitely my favorite dress yet –of all of them… Just fabulous….Your daughters (both of them) are both beautiful young women. Sorry about the 'boyfriend' —but that is just LIFE… We ALL went through those break-ups!!!!! I'm sure she'll come out on TOP of this….. Hugs,Betsy


  6. Linds is a very beautiful young lady (both of your girls are) and the dress is amazing. Perhaps it's a good thing this is her last prom — I'm not sure she could find a nicer dress in the future.


  7. Oh this post made me all different kinds of teary! Your baby girl looks just stunning, her dress was perfection and yeah for her for knowing it was time to let her beau go. A hard thing to do at any age!! Congrats to you too Mama! On to the next age and stage!


  8. You and your girls are simply GORGEOUS. That dress? That is the best prom dress I've ever seen – timeless, classic, feminine and strong. Good taste, girl!Take time to savor every moment of these busy-bee days. Sending congratulations, best wishes and love!


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