So here’s to you {Misses} Graduate

Can you believe that when I started this blog this was my baby. 
My love child. My Lindsburger. My sweet little ball of sweetness.
Ok, I’m getting a little delirious….because she wasn’t always a sweet little ball of sweetness. There were a few days of sour. 
Just a few.
Last week she said goodbye to High School. Adios. See you later Gator. Chow.

Some of my longtime readers will remember these babies….Lolo wore them to her graduation.
Linds will be creating her own path in college…but she walked across the stage in her big sister’s shoes. 

And I think that is just awesome.
The more bling the better….that’s our motto.
Linds was #416 out of #450 kids. (I know!!!) to cross the stage. I said if they did it in order of cuteness, being bright and funny and not by that old standby “alphabetical order” she would be first in line! 
And no, I’m not biased about my people.
It was a great weekend filled with family and friends. I’ll share some party pics soon!!
The first family. Of our house.  
You’ll be glad to know that Linds and I both survived her 2 day loooooonnnnnngggg orientation. 
There should be a law against those if you’d like to know my true thoughts; which I know you do.

21 thoughts on “So here’s to you {Misses} Graduate

  1. Look how much she's grown up! I am always amazed how time flies when looking at older photos… I gotta tell you, you and your girls have GREAT taste in shoes!


  2. that shoe sentence made me CRY! i truly love those girls of yours… they are so beautiful, inside & out, and i so enjoyed chatting with each of them saturday!!! and i loved visiting with your family, too!!! always good to chat with your mom! and your aunt & uncle!!! so glad we had our adventure! anyway, i just know band won't be the same without linds-lou ❤ i'm gonna miss her smile out there!!! xoxo


  3. I agree that Linds would be first if names were called in order of cuteness. Since I've been involved in my share of orientations I have a pretty good idea of your thoughts on this manner.


  4. Congratulations to Linds! I've been reading your blog for years, watching the girls grow. Time sure does fly. You'll be an empty nester soon. But, hey, I've been there for years and it's not so bad. With the parenting done, there's time to rediscover your own individuality. I was surprised I still had some.


  5. Lovely family photos and beautiful graduate! You are rocking that dress, Suz. Congratulations to your \”baby!\” Can't wait to hear more about the next adventure. xoxo


  6. What a beautiful family you are! It's fun to see our children's accomplishments, but hard to see them fly away too.When that happens, don't forget to complain on your blog so we can all identify with you!


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