Shank you very much

Some offenses from those in the general public are deserving of Suz dusting off her shank.

Left lane hanger outers.
I don’t care if you are traveling the speed limit or 20 miles OVER the speed limit. If I am behind you, and you are NOT currently passing someone on your right; you are slowing me down.
IT’s called the PASSING lane, not the FAST lane.
Move over, so I can pass.
If someone is behind you, just know that you’ve now created a
“I’m screwing everyone behind me because I refuse to move over lane”.

The I’m too busy to click reply
I’m a thoughtful person. If I take photos of you at a party or Christmas or whatever, I will forward those to you via email.  But, is it too much trouble to click reply and type those 8 very difficult words?
I’ll give you a hint it starts with T and ends with U! {thank you}
Oh, because hitting reply and Thank you might be exhausting?
Life must be hard for some people on a daily basis.

Ankle bumpers at the grocery store.
Yes, you are correct, my ankles are different from yours; mine have NO feeling whatsoever.
Go on. Bang away person with no depth perception; I can’t feel a thing.

Any offenses you’d like to add today?

25 thoughts on “Shank you very much

  1. People who insist on standing right in the middle of a moving line and talk, you know, like when you're at a festival and the line is moving, but then a few people stop to talk and everybody has to walk around them. REALLY??? Every time I get in a crowd this happens. CH said maybe I should avoid crowds, but I always forget about this annoyance until it happens.


  2. Good list, definitely worth dusting off your shank for. Some of my pet peeves are people blocking the isles in the grocery store and people with a buggy full of #$&% in the express lane. Makes me want to ask them if they know how to count…


  3. I would love for you to shank someone at the grocery store! Seriously. Please take Linds or Lo with you so that they can take pictures.I can't think of anyone I would like to shank this morning, but I am sure as the day goes on I will think of a few people that could use a shanking! XOHappy Monday beautiful girl.


  4. We used to bang our daddy's ankles in the grocery store on purpose when he would sing \”Yingle Bells\” loudly in the aisles. It was middle of July, we were pre-teen/teenagers. No other explanation needed.


  5. Diagonal know…the ones that parked waaaay to the left of the entrance to the store etc and make a loooong diagonal stroll toward the door, keeping them right in the middle of the 'road' for like EVER. Every time we are in a parking lot I begin to sigh and husband just says \”diagonal walkers' and I say 'yep'. : /


  6. Anonymous

    We just came from WalMart and AFTER getting her milk from the cooler, a lady stood and read her shopping list to herself blocking me from getting my milk!!!!


  7. When I have to be in the slow lane because I'm doing the speed limit and other people are passing me like I'm standing still, and no cop around. What's that all about?


  8. Well—-how 'bout 2 OLD people (not me of course) standing in the middle of the isle in the grocery store chatting —and you can't even get around them….. Grrrrrr…Today–a lady put her shopping cart in Walmart in front of a shelf where I wanted to look for something… I stood there nicely—and told George to come here and look at this… The lady looked up and noticed that we were 'trying' to look at something where her buggy was sitting… Guess what???? She did NOT even bother to move it…. Gads—talk about rude!!!!I could go on and on and on…. What about the woman with 50+ items in her shopping cart who went to the 15 or less isle?????? AND–they took her! WHY???? Why did she do it –and why did they take her????Hugs,Betsy


  9. You are so funny! What I don't like is being in the middle lane, going at least 10 miles over the speed limit at a speed that I am comfortable with and have someone stay on my tail! I want to say, \”Get in the fast lane, Buddy.\”


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