Life is multi{fun}ctional.

I stood in the toilet paper aisle for 10 minutes yesterday; Double, Mega or Mega plus?
Life is full of decisions.
Smooth or crunchy.
Red or white.
Grilled or blackened.
reusable bag or reusable bag.

Life is also full of milestones.

I helped Linds move into her summer dorm on Saturday.
She opted to start her college career this summer and get a head start on the edcha-ma-kation.
She’ll be gone for six weeks.
But I saw her on Sunday; she forgot her parking sticker. And her pillows.
{Thank goodness she is only 30 minutes away}

She pulled this out from her makeup vanity desk and declared: Look, a pull-out nail vanity and gave me the creepy/wacky smile.

That kid of mine.
I hope she has fun and learns something. {besides how to paint her nails}

Original dorm artwork by Lindsay

By the way I chose Mega Plus.
It was the plus that swayed me.
I shouldn’t have been swayed….the darn roll is so big it’s wedged against the wall and won’t “roll”.

Any big decisions or milestones in your world?

16 thoughts on “Life is multi{fun}ctional.

  1. Anonymous

    What fun to be starting college! Some of my best friends were made in college days.I thought of you the other day. I purchased toilet paper WITHOUT the cardboard roll in the center!!!!! I remember a long time ago you blogged about your girls leaving the empty cardboard roll on the tp holder!!!!! lol


  2. I like her artwork. Thoughtful words, too. So is she like our second child who just wanted to get college over with so she could get on with life – – or was she just excited to be out of high school and become a college student – – or as you said, she just wants a head start on getting some of the credits out of the way? Whatever the reason, good for her! It's nice to have an achiever. Some parents have heartaches for children. I don't know how they cope.


  3. i had a similar toilet paper experience the other day… and then there was \”extra wide.\” hmmm… i did not choose that one because i thought it wouldn't fit in my holder. loved seeing lids & her pretty dorm room, and her artwork!!!! and her confident face, filled with excitement!


  4. LOL, decisions, decisions. Glad you went plus. And the best of luck to your daughter in college, and the best of luck to you, I know how exciting/tension-filled this chapter of life can be for all concerned. Just so you know, I watched my 3 girls head off to college….and yay, I actually lived through it.


  5. Hmmmm…amazing how complicated our world can be, isn't it?! I started college 2 weeks after I graduated from high school…one of the best decisions I ever made!


  6. They've made the things shorter and the rolls are thinner. They think they are so smart, but we know their game. I've never bought the Mega Roll. Now I know to step away from the Mega…


  7. The biggest choice in our lives right now is if the youngest DD should accept an offer to dance on a fancy dance team next year. We decided YES! So excited for her!! Hope you are doing okay with your baby living 30 minutes away!


  8. Anonymous

    My world is ONLY huge decisions and milestones right now, but I'm choosing to look at that as a good thing… you are so right though, they really market the choice aspect at us with choices that aren't super necessary… Good luck with your TP roll… I hope it behaves in a bind and gets it's act together.


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