My new favorites; or in other words, nothing hostile here to look at.

My lanai re-do still makes me giddy. I’ve had to fart around with a few of the potted plants…some didn’t work out with all the sun and I had a feeling that would happen….but no biggie.
If I’m going to fart around, I’d like to do it with plants.

One of my favorite places to visit is the nursery; and as much as I love Lowes and The Depot, my upscale plant nursery has a better variety. I’ve found plants there that I’ve never seen before.

A few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.  
The Ice plant. It is a ‘mounder-draper’ with delicate hot pink flowers.
It also comes in the variegated flavor….I do prefer the darker green though. 
Ice plant on the front porch with a bit of society garlic. 
 I’ve always been a fan of the ornamental sweet potato vines….but I found it in this awesome-sauce pink/green/white flavor. LOVE!
 It grows really fast too. The bonus? The clippings look lovely on our dining room table!
Badda bing-badda bang!
Finally, some genius came up with a hosta FOR FLORIDA! This baby loves the hot Florida sun!
When I brought this home, Lolo said: “That’s pretty; what kind of plant is it?”
 Me: “a Hosta!”
Lolo: “A HOSTILE?”
 This baby is anything but hostile; it’s on the pleasant side.

Have you found any new flora or fauna that makes you want to use multiple exclamation points?!?!

17 thoughts on “My new favorites; or in other words, nothing hostile here to look at.

  1. haha a hostile! back in ca we have ice plant everywhere…it gets taken for granted on the west coast, side of the freeways…just lots of land cover…i never see it out here! i like your finds!


  2. Hi There, We are home from a trip to the gorgeous West VA mountains –where we celebrated our anniversary… I’ll be blogging about this time for awhile –since it was so special.Lookin' good!!!! I love all different kinds of plants too… You have chosen some great ones. I love all of ours –and when we walk outside each morning, I just gasp at all of the beauty.Hugs,


  3. Me again… I thought of a great FL plant which I love: CALADIUM…. They look like Hosta –but have all kinds of colorful leaves. I tried to grow them here –but we are too cool in late spring for them… I have a friend who grows them in FL… Check them out sometime.


  4. Lovely plants. The hosta are certainly not hostile to the deer around here. They love them. Actually I can use exclamation points for my little herb garden on the deck this year. The warmer temperatures and evening showers have made them thrive. And we are loving them. Pretty to look at but even better on the dinner plates.


  5. Pretty plants! I'm just happy if I can get anything to grow. My little Chinese Balloon Plant (I started out with 3 and am down to 1) is doing well in its spot; I guess the other 2 didn't like theirs!


  6. Hi There, Me AGAIN!! Just stopping by to say \”Happy 4th of July\”…. Hope you have an incredible weekend whether you are traveling, with family or friends –or like us, just enjoying being home! We hope to grill a couple of steaks tomorrow. Our weather here is awesome right now…God Bless American –and God Bless YOU.Hugs,Betsy


  7. When I get home (I'm in MN for another 2 weeks) I'm going straight to the nursery to look for the Florida hosta. Jim calls them \”hostages.\” Also love the ice plant. Since I\”ve been gone almost a month, I'm sure I'll have some farting around to do with my patio plants too. Your lanai looks great!


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