Ginga Rail

Thank you for all your well wishes on my post on Monday. I survived the chiropractor and my back is healed. So apparently my chiropractor is a healer. I even went to the gym on Tuesday (cardio only-nothing extreme) and worked in the garden. Its.a.miracle!
Have I ever shared with you my thoughts on soda? Well, if you must know {and you must} I think soda is the devils urine. 
There. I said it.

I blame most of my dental problems on drinking the devils urine as a child. 
I very rarely purchase soda for the house; only on special occasions like Ramadan and February 29th. 
Recently, a friend of ours became a distributor for Boylan soda. Have you heard of this? 
It’s been around since 1891 and is bottled in New Jersey; which is also where my mom was bottled born so it has to be good. 
No highfructose urine crapola.

The Coach purchased some for Lindsay’s graduation party and everyone loved it. Our faves are the Birch beer {root beer} and the ginger ale. But I see they are making a shirley temple soda too; must look into that one. 

A few weeks ago I said: Hey, I’m craving a GINGA Rail! Do we have any?
Coach: You know it’s pronounced ginger ale and not ginga rail right?
Me, yes, of course. {Maybe not so much} But it’s more fun to say it the way I do!
Every few weeks I’ll crave a Ginga rail; and I have to say it out loud to prove that my way is the best AND funnest way to say it. Hey, I’m a southern girl and I need to keep that accent strong!

Who will finish all the projects that I’ve been procrastinating to work on?

Well, I should have known better than to open my big ole’ pie hole. I actually wrote that post on Thursday….and Friday my happiness was ripped from my hands.
I’m suffering for the first time with back pain. 
Must be that monkey that keeps hanging on? Or is it that one little straw? 
OR worse, one of
my girls has actually stepped on a crack?!?
Anyhoo….Friday I was in bed most of the day aside from a mandatory bank visit. 
{Those things don’t rob themselves!}
Saturday? Well, the couch and I were best buds on Saturday. Heat for 20 minutes. Ice for 20 minutes. 
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
(That’s what the the girls’ chiropractor advised and it did help) 
I watched the entire third season of The Killing on netflix. 
I felt like killing. 
I have no idea what I did to myself; not a clue. 
I was ok with the pain until I went on web MD and I found out that I’m suffering with acute kidney failure.
Then I felt even worse. I realized I’m dying and I’ve not finished the girls scrapbooks yet. 
Did someone just mutter hypochondriac?
Seriously; would someone please take that website down for my mental health?!
My last sunset?

Today, if I survive, I’m going to work and then visiting the chiropractor. Is it just me or does chiropractor sound like I’mpayingforyoutocrackmyback?
I’m askeered!

Please tell me you had a very fun and productive weekend!