Willy Nilly

Joining Tanya this Friday; sharing 5 willy nilly thoughts, happenings, etc.
1) Something I see daily around these parts are “Watch For Motorcycles” bumper stickers.
Tuesday morning I saw one on the way to the gym and I thought: You know who constantly pulls out in front of me?
I wonder if I have a sign on my car stating: If you are driving a motorcycle, feel free to pull out in front of me because it’s my favorite thing.
A few hours later after the gym and errands were run I was making my way home and you’ll never guess what happened.
A motorcycle pulled out in front of me all willy nilly. 
I had to put on the brakes to avoid hitting him.

So, yeah, watch for motorcycles
2) Someone special turns 21 on Sunday.
No It’s not me, but thanks for not assuming so. It’s the special person who made me a mother for the first time.

It was just a year ago that she turned 20. I’m a flippin’ mathematician!
She’s spending the weekend at  G’ma and G’pa’s lake house with her sister and a few friends. 
G’ma promised to fire up the blender and make the birthday girl her requested strawberry daiquiri. 
Then on Monday, I’m taking her to AA.

3) I’m going to a new stylist today for hilights and a cut. The young lady whose been doing my hair is all sorts of selfish….she’s on maternity leave!  A few months ago I went to someone else in her shop and was not happy with my results…wish me luck. “If my hair ain’t happy, I ain’t happy!”

4) The Sunshine state. Pfffttt…
Every.stinking.afternoon. The storms roll in from the Everglades and blast us on their way to the Gulf.

This is why the boxers don’t enjoy the summer.

5) Speaking of critters, last weekend while visiting with friends on our lanai, Coach again turned into Dr. Doolitle.
Maisy and Cocoa getting their daily doses of love.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend filled with good peeps to love, sweet sissy critters and good hair….and take a tip from Suzanne-watch out for motorcycles!

*snicker snicker*

Around Roanoke

19 thoughts on “Willy Nilly

  1. Our signs are mainly of the wildlife variety like a whitetail deer in a leaping position or of the SLOW CHILDREN variety. Motorcycles scare me.That looks like our sky every summer afternoon. It's not summer without an afternoon thunderstorm….it's more like a drought.


  2. wow, those skies look really scary. we have been having lots of afternoon thundershowers in VA lately. 21 … wow, that is a great birthday. hope your daughter has a great day!! i hope you get the right hair-do. i know i haven't been to the hair salon for years because i got really angry at my hair stylist. & have never found another. not everyone is the same. good luck!! ( :


  3. I love the rain cloud picture : ). Isn't that light dreamy? I hope your hair cut turns out perfectly. I am sure it will. You always look beautiful. Motorcyclist around here are pretty safe. At least I think so. Have a great weekend with Dr. Doolittle. : ) Happy Birthday to your baby.


  4. lol at the motorcycles…they do think they own the road. and a big misconception about motorcycle riders is that you would think they'd be all fast and stuff but they aren't. they like to get in front of you and drive side by side and barely do the speed limit. i think that's because most bikers these days are not like sons of anarchy but more like middle aged accountants mon-fri.happy 21 to your sweet girl!! my baby girl will be 20 next month, then 21 next year! we are both freaking mathematicians! (i'm not going to lie, i had to look at the way you spelled it!) haha, i'm laughing about her trip to aa!wow, love the view out of your pool house ceiling! good luck with the hair and thanks for playing. you always make me laugh! have a great weekend 🙂


  5. That 'out the back over the pool' pic looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. At least you're getting rain. We are begging for it here.I can't stand motorcycles either. Too many crazies out there and it's hard to always watch them when they are doing crazy…illiegal (riding on the line to cut in traffic!)..stuff. Love your fur babies. : )


  6. We are the ones on a motorcycle… Hopefully we've never pulled out in front of anybody willy nilly. 😉 Wishing Lolo all the very best on her 21st birthday!!


  7. Cute post… I love this meme —and believe me, I do NOT like most memes at all… How many pictures of a FENCE can you read and enjoy???? ha ha I'll think of YOU every time a motorcycle pulls over right in front of us…. Maybe we should start a club!!!!! haCan't believe your kids are growing up SO SO SO fast… Scary, isn't it?Hope you like your new 'do'… It's scary to go to someone new..Hugs,Betsy


  8. Happy Twenty-plus-One Suz, ooops, I mean Lolo!! About the frozen Daiquri: I'm thinking of the shark AA scene from Finding Nemo! When my girl Amanda turns that number in a year plus 3 months, she wants to go to Las Vegas! Oh, and I love your lanai because the tiki umbrella hut always makes me laugh!! Hope you're having a great weekend.


  9. I almost spit out my ice water of the strawberry dacquiri and AA remark!21?How is that actually possible?Back in the days when we had pets and some of our older kids had pets my husband looked exactly like your Dr. Doolittle.I think that's how we know they're keepers!21?Gosh.Sending you a hug.


  10. 21….and SO TALL! You are about my age, and it is like, wow, how could you have a 21 year old? 😉 Motorcycles: I saw some driving in heavy rain this weekend and was like oh man, you might have to in order to get home, but what a bad idea….


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