You only turn 21 once.

I shared this picture on BookFace for Lolo’s birthday. This was a ‘new to me’ picture that my MIL recently passed on to us. 
{Coach’s birthday-wearing Lion King hats from Lolo’s 1st birthday-Lolo 3yrs old}
Lolo had a great 21st birthday. She spent the weekend at the lake and declared it ‘the best birthday ever’. 
If memory serves me right…she also said that last year. 
{Here she is pretending to blow out the candles that we didn’t have-apparently Linds is also helping}
Actually, to quote Lolo from her b-day last year:
“Birthday’s are great. I feel like Kim Kardashian….people give me things for just being born!”
Why did I share with you that old picture at the top of this post? Notice the cake toppers up there….some of the very same ones we added to her current cake. 
Yes, I’m a cake topper saver; NOT a hoarder. I’m fairly certain there is a difference.
{A mish mash of old cake decorations}
I don’t know what possessed me to hoard save them all those years ago, but I’m glad I did. 
It always brings a smile to the kids faces when I pull them out. 
I’m pretty sure I still have some Lion King decorations from Lolo’s 1st party. 
You just never know when you might need those. 
The happy happy happy birthday girl. She is a gem and she is allllll mine. 
If anyone deserves getting prezzies for just being born, it’s this girl. 

18 thoughts on “You only turn 21 once.

  1. lol i noticed lindsey helping out, how funny! i LOVE the fact that you saved all those cake toppers and re-use them for each birthday. i am so mad at myself for not thinking of this. going to have to pass it on for my kids to do with theirs! happy birthday to your sweet girl!


  2. Love it that you have kept all of those cake toppers…. That's one thing (of many) that I never did keep… They are probably much more important to your girls now than they were when they were little. I'm sure that Lo had a great birthday –just like she said she did… Both of your girls and that wonderful hubby are all so special.Hugs,Betsy


  3. Why didn't I think of that? Saving all the birthday toppers and then putting them all on one cake is a genius idea!! What a way to remember past birthday celebrations! Should I ever have grandkids, I'm so doing this – NOT that I'm in any kind of hurry with that… 😉


  4. I didn't know people saved cake toppers, but you certainly had a wonderful birthday cake as a result. It sounds as if Lolo had a great birthday celebration. You (and Coach) definitely have a beautiful daughter (actually two).


  5. I LOVE that you saved the birthday toppers! I wish I had done that, but with boys, they wouldn't have cared. I've told YS when he turns 21, we're going to Vegas! 🙂


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