Willy Nilly Friday

Joining Tanya this Friday; sharing 5 willy nilly thoughts, happenings, etc….
1) The downside of living with a brainy college student: 
Me:   Lolo, So, I ordered a stencil for our next big project….”
Lolo: WHAT? you ordered STEM CELLS? What in the world is this project?!?”

Every time I look at that stem cell stencil I crack up. 

2) It’s time again time for our annual home pressure washing.
They started Tuesday and got most of the roof done before the lightening started. 
There isn’t enough money on the planet for me to get up on a roof. I’m a professional sissy– 
 I’m so appreciative that there are crazy professional non-sissy people who will do it. 
I’m sure that most of you’ve already enjoyed this grammar filled video. I must say, this is literally my favorite Weird Al Video. Literally *snicker snicker*
In other news, guess who still struggles with it’s vs its. If you guessed Suz, you’d be correct.

Look who’s back again; my nosey front porch bunny. Cocoa really wanted to get out and play, but I said Hells to the NO sister. 

The Coach has been gone since Saturday. He is coaching his softball team at the world series all week. We aren’t the kind of people who can’t go a day without seeing or talking to each other; with that being said, we sure do miss each other. So nice to get those sweet little texts here and there.
Hopefully he’ll be home tomorrow after the big win!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend that is filled with people to love,  low on the word crimes, cute fuzzy bunnies & clean roofs/driveways!

And one day, when I finally get around to it, I’ll share with you my stem cell project. 

Around Roanoke

19 thoughts on “Willy Nilly Friday”

  1. Hi, Can't wait to see the stencil project. Mr. Bunny is probably eating your veggies! Best wishes to Coach and the team. Hope you guys have a great weekend.


  2. oh my gosh, that weird al vid was too funny. i'm guilty of so many grammar mistakes, gah…i think he was talking about me in the blog post one haha…i had meant to share this funny video this week but forgot so consider yourself special because i'm sharing it with you 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn-dD-QKYN4 it is soooo funny, about all those instagram pics! love the photo of cocoa and the bunny! thanks for playing along and have a great weekend! p.s. i don't know why the linky loaded that way…so confusing!


  3. i am terrible at spelling (always carry my dictionary, & have it ready to look anything up & feel comfortable looking things up, but wish my brain could hold on to knowing the correct spelling always. that would be lovely. i try. & will continue to try. always always.) & knowing whether to say effect or affect. those kind of things. have a great weekend!! ( :


  4. I've never heard of anyone who power washes their roof. Is that a Florida thing? Or is it due to your roofing material? Does it require power washing? I find this interesting. Oh, and 'stem cell'? That's such a HOOT!!


  5. OMG, I busted out laughing at you deciding to stencil stem cells (say that 9 times quick)..ha!! From last week's Willy Nilly: My daughter, soon to be 20, loved Lo's comment at feeling like a Kardashian and getting presents JUST FOR BEING BORN!


  6. My son is a Weird Al fan and sent me the Word Crimes video a couple of days ago. I laughed out loud. My son struggled with spelling so he knew I would get a kick out of it. Ethan and I just finished watching it before I popped over here. Great timing…


  7. I like this meme… It's more interesting than some!!!! ha…. Stem cells, huh??? Interesting project I'm sure!!!! ha ha ….. I can tell the difference in Its and it's…. Easy Peasy answer: Just ask yourself if you can substitute \”It is\” in the sentence. IF you can, then it becomes it's…. If not, it is its…. Got it??????I still have trouble with the difference in Effective and Affective…. Do you have words of wisdom for me about those two words?????Have a great weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  8. I can hardly wait to learn about your stem cell project. Thanks for Weird Al's video. I have to admit that English is not my strongest suit. I hope Coach gets home tomorrow with that trophy.


  9. Oh what an great Willy Nilly! Loved your tidbits. Especially loved the Weird Al video. I used to have a board on Pinterest that was just incorrect grammar usage and this would have been a great pin, but I had so many boards I deleted it finally…but I just pinned it to my Tickle My Funny Bone. I have so many pet peeves about word usage, but I do make mistakes myself. Like everyone. I can't stand hearing someone say egg-zit instead of exit. I hate people saying someone was hung, when it is correct to say hanged. An object is hung, people are hanged. I have a bunch. But I still stumble over spelling surprise. I want it to be surprize like it's a gift! 🙂 Been away this past two weeks on vacation, and am just beginning to post my photos of the trip!


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