Who will finish all the projects that I’ve been procrastinating to work on?

Well, I should have known better than to open my big ole’ pie hole. I actually wrote that post on Thursday….and Friday my happiness was ripped from my hands.
I’m suffering for the first time with back pain. 
Must be that monkey that keeps hanging on? Or is it that one little straw? 
OR worse, one of
my girls has actually stepped on a crack?!?
Anyhoo….Friday I was in bed most of the day aside from a mandatory bank visit. 
{Those things don’t rob themselves!}
Saturday? Well, the couch and I were best buds on Saturday. Heat for 20 minutes. Ice for 20 minutes. 
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
(That’s what the the girls’ chiropractor advised and it did help) 
I watched the entire third season of The Killing on netflix. 
I felt like killing. 
I have no idea what I did to myself; not a clue. 
I was ok with the pain until I went on web MD and I found out that I’m suffering with acute kidney failure.
Then I felt even worse. I realized I’m dying and I’ve not finished the girls scrapbooks yet. 
Did someone just mutter hypochondriac?
Seriously; would someone please take that website down for my mental health?!
My last sunset?

Today, if I survive, I’m going to work and then visiting the chiropractor. Is it just me or does chiropractor sound like I’mpayingforyoutocrackmyback?
I’m askeered!

Please tell me you had a very fun and productive weekend!


19 thoughts on “Who will finish all the projects that I’ve been procrastinating to work on?

  1. Anonymous

    Sorry about the back pain. Hope the chiro can help you. We had 2 visitors this weekend – life on the wild side here!!!!! Feel better soon.


  2. Back pain sucks, I am sorry you suffered all weekend and hope a visit to the chiropractor will help. Between Nadia's birthday party on Friday, a bike ride yesterday, we had a good weekend. 🙂


  3. What a goof ball! It's not good to visit WebMD very often. I had to chuckle when you \”found out\” that you have acute kidney failure.Nothing worse than a toothache and a backache. I hope you start feeling better soon, but take it easy, you don't want to re-injure it.


  4. Rule Number 1: Do NOt go online looking for answers to your pain problems. We all need to remember that… When I went on WebMD and looked up info about my gallbladder pain, I read that I could be having all kinds of things including CANCER… Gads—why did I read that stuff???? It just made me feel worse. SO–I learned never to do that again.Bless your heart. I hope your back problem improves soon… Pain is NO FUN—EVER! Prayers and Big HUGS for you, my young friend.Betsy


  5. First of all..don't go to WebMD. It will have you making out your will over a hangnail just like that (attempts to snap fingers)! I'm so sorry you're feeling crummy. I had my first 'adjustment' as a bit of a surprise at my integrative doctor's office. Was having a headache and he commenced the bending and cracking. My neck felt much better when I left. So there's that. I hope you feel better soon, my friend. Cuz you're supposed to be a busy bee and ya can't do that on the couch. Hugs! : )


  6. I hope the chiropractor was able to cure your aching back. There's nothing worse than a bad backache, unless it's reading online about what might be wrong with you. I'm confident you'll be able to share many more sunsets with us.


  7. Yuck! I hope you're feeling much better by now. I'm a big fan of a good chiropractor. Also, acupuncture! Yes, needles are your friend. I had acupuncture 3 times in the last 2 weeks after I fell and hurt my hand. I'm pretty sure it was the only reason why I was able to continue to play the flute for the opera. Hope you recover quickly!!!!!!! xoxo


  8. First of all…back pain is a B#*@%! Not only do I have an almost chronic problem with it, my daughter \”throws her back out\” from time to time, and we commiserate with one another. OK, we moan and groan. I really \”feel your pain\” on this one! BUT, I have to say, your witty way of telling about it had me giggling. I even read your post to my husband who also got a couple of chuckles from it. I hope you are feeling better. I hope your week will be a good one.


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