Ginga Rail

Thank you for all your well wishes on my post on Monday. I survived the chiropractor and my back is healed. So apparently my chiropractor is a healer. I even went to the gym on Tuesday (cardio only-nothing extreme) and worked in the garden. Its.a.miracle!
Have I ever shared with you my thoughts on soda? Well, if you must know {and you must} I think soda is the devils urine. 
There. I said it.

I blame most of my dental problems on drinking the devils urine as a child. 
I very rarely purchase soda for the house; only on special occasions like Ramadan and February 29th. 
Recently, a friend of ours became a distributor for Boylan soda. Have you heard of this? 
It’s been around since 1891 and is bottled in New Jersey; which is also where my mom was bottled born so it has to be good. 
No highfructose urine crapola.

The Coach purchased some for Lindsay’s graduation party and everyone loved it. Our faves are the Birch beer {root beer} and the ginger ale. But I see they are making a shirley temple soda too; must look into that one. 

A few weeks ago I said: Hey, I’m craving a GINGA Rail! Do we have any?
Coach: You know it’s pronounced ginger ale and not ginga rail right?
Me, yes, of course. {Maybe not so much} But it’s more fun to say it the way I do!
Every few weeks I’ll crave a Ginga rail; and I have to say it out loud to prove that my way is the best AND funnest way to say it. Hey, I’m a southern girl and I need to keep that accent strong!

17 thoughts on “Ginga Rail

  1. My gosh, we're a lot alike… I despise sodas with a passion! My mom wouldn't let us drink any while we were growing up, because she once saw a segment on TV where they dissolved a piece of meat in a bottle of coke. Of course back then, that's all I wanted because my friends were drinking it. Now I can't believe I've ever drank that disgustingly sweet stuff… I do have to admit that I buy it occasionally for birthday parties, but other than that I stay away from it. Glad your back is feeling better and you got to go work out. 🙂


  2. Never heard of Boylan Soda…. In fact, when I grew up in Virginia, we never called it \”soda\”… All soft drinks were called COKE back then.. Wonder why???? I used to drink TAB (GAG) –and then switched to Diet Coke (gag again)… Met George –and he loved Mountain Dew. SO–I started drinking Diet Mtn. Dew… Liked it –but too much caffeine… Then–when I got serious about my weight/health, I gave up all of the carbonated drinks… When I drink one on occasion these days, I don't even like the taste anymore. SO–no more 'sodas' for me I guess.Hugs,Betsy


  3. I thought you had invented a new Ninja move involving trains! Now, of course, I'm muttering Ginga Rail at the computer screen to see how it sounds compared to my northern version of Ginger Ail. 'Ail' because I ALWAYS keep a chilled can in the fridge because it really does quiet upset stomachs…but only Canada Dry will do the trick! Hadn't heard of Boylan Soda. My daughter, nearing 20 years, has NEVER liked soda,she drinks water with everything. Don't know how that happened…we never forced her to drink only water! I wish I had that habit…mine is coffee. And now, being in college, she's been sampling some of the non-water drinks that aren't soda. Ya know?! I feel for ya, from the post when you said you worried about your girl driving around the state without her parents with her! Wow, do I feel that!! Mine heads off for move-in at college tomorrow…and she has consented to let us drive along to help with the move-in…HAPPY about that!!Already feeling a heart-murmer thinking about hugging her good-bye.Stay happy, Suz, of the 4th happiest state in the union. Wonder where Mississippi ranked?? Couldn't find out: you turned off the link and it told me I was nosy…ha-ha-ha!!


  4. Anonymous

    Ginga Rail is fun to say! It always burned my throat and Root Beer gave me heartburn – WHAT A WIMP I WAS! I loved Coke but gave up drinking them a few years back.


  5. Yay..somebody who shares my hatred for soft drinks. I HATE them with a passion. Never liked drinking them growing up. And wouldn't you know, I married a soft drink-er and my girl can't get enough. Drives me nuts. Oh how I wanted to brew tea for my crew every day…but instead I make it by the cup cuz they can't stand it. Boo. (And don't get me started on just how UNHEALTHY that stuff is. it really is from the devil!)


  6. I'm glad you're feeling better. Just don't overdo the gym (or the gardening). I had not heard of Ginga Rail before, but I like the sound of it. But then I married a Southern girl.


  7. I wish that was sold up here, because I must confess I adore soda!Can you believe in Mexico they produce Coca Cola without that added fructose crapola, and it tastes better!


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