Willy Nilly Friday~

Joining Tanya and friends; sharing five willy nilly thoughts from my week.

1) The other night we had dinner at a cute pizza joint and our waiter’s name was Jake.
I’m a fan of addressing people by their name, so every time I said Jake, I wanted to finish with from State Farm.
Have you seen the commercial? Silly things just stick with me and that might be annoying.
“she sounds hideous”
2) My links.
I’ve had a few peeps mention that they can’t follow my links because I put a block on them; the block says “Don’t BEE nosey” That is only if you ‘right click’ on a link.
If you click on it directly, you’ll get there directly. I added that right click protection back when I suspected a perv might be copying pics of my kids. 
Damn pervs– they ruin everything.

3)I walked into Lolo’s room the other night and gasped because  {I’m apt to jump to conclusions….and on occasion see things that aren’t there} there was a mouse sitting in the blinds!
then I realized it was her chameleon Zim….just getting a bit of exercise.
Bullet dodged. Heart rate normalized. 
4) We are moving Linds out of her summer dorm on Saturday. She’ll be home for a long time until her fall semester starts. And that will be on August 13th!
Thank goodness school is only 30 minutes away.

5) It’s August 1st people. Yes, I am a walking calendar.
This girl is ready for the summer HEAT to be over.
Yesterday, it was 95* with 100% humidity.
I’m not sure why I bother doing my hair. 
 We can’t even see out of our windows/doors because everything ‘sweats’.
Fall…where are you???
Happy Friday my friends!
If you need me,  I’ll be in the a/c!

Around Roanoke

20 thoughts on “Willy Nilly Friday~

  1. zim has free roaming range? yikes! but cute. and also? glad it wasn't a mouse! haha! tht commercial is clever. i have not met anyone named jake lately. BUT every time i hear a reference to \”liar, liar pants on fire\” i think of the progressive commercial- no mas pantelones!!! oh… i forgot… you skipped spanish class. see you in a few minutes… for some non a/c walking! {whose idea was this???}


  2. lol i always tell my husband he sounds hideous, that commercial cracks me up! what a cute chamelion…now i feel all pervy, i right click your links so it will open a new tab because i don't know if clicking will make me leave your page but i like that little don't bee nosy popup but i think i click it again and it just takes me there..how does right clicking help the pervs? i'm so unsophisticated! have a great weekend and now i want pizza!


  3. HA HA —Before reading your answer, I immediately thought of JAKE from STATE FARM… (What are you wearing????) Guess I watch much too much TV… That 'thing' in the blinds made me chill… Not sure I'd want it in my home –no matter what it was… Yipes!Summer is going MUCH too quickly–although I am READY for Fall also!!!Hugs,Betsy


  4. I feel sorry for ya on the weather…for some crazy reason we are having a milder than normal summer. I don't ask questions…I just say thankyouverymuch! Not that it hasn't been hot, but we've gotten a couple of intermissions from the incessant heat. I'll take it! Gah on the lizard. That would freak. Me. Out. I laughed out loud…Jake from State Farm. She sound hideous! LOL That is one of my favorite commercials. It's just perfection. Sorry for the humidity and the heat. Its 75 here now. Cra-zy!


  5. Loving the lizard ~ who does look like a mouse in them there blinds ~ but then again chameleons can shape shift ~ rights , um yes okay I should have just stopped at \”loving the lizard\” huh .


  6. Geez, that chameleon looks like a mouse in that picture. I would have had a mini freak out if I'd walked in on that. I'm glad you get to spend some time with Linds before she has to go back to school. Our schools (and work for me) start back up next week – I can't believe summer break is over already. Have a happy weekend!


  7. Anonymous

    That does look like a mouse in the photo! Oh yes, I love the Jake commercial. We tried out a local pizza place yesterday that really impressed us with courteous service, great food and it was clean with NO flies!!!All the best to Linds! You guys enjoy the weekend.


  8. Really nice Willy Nilly Five! I laughed out loud over the Jake thing…YES! These things sure stick with you, don't they? Our family has started saying \”That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.\” pretty regularly! It's like the new \”Where's the Beef?\”


  9. When I read your first one, \”Jake…..from state farm, I lost it. Keep that great sense of humor you have. And, I didn't know about the right click protection thing.


  10. The \”mouse\” on the blinds scared me! Glad it turned out to be a lizard. Nice to have your daughter home – for 2 weeks. Moms always wish it were longer. We've had temps in the 90's, too, but at least no humidity.


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