To fight it or give in; that is the dilemma

It started with the several sneezes each day last week, then I felt my sinus passages as they were swelling…..and I knew it; the summer cold-it’s a coming.
Daaa dunnn dunnn dunnnnn
I’ve been fighting it with vitamin C; drinking emergen-C, Zicam tablets and I’m ingesting gallons of water daily.
I’m fighting so hard because the Coach and I have a get away planned for next weekend.
{burglars, my In laws will be here with their 3 dogs so don’t even bother}
But then I started to think:
“Hey, I’m fighting this, but it WILL come eventually and it WILL get me. Maybe I should just give in and get it over with?!

So, today I’m going to Macy’s and I’m gonna lick the escalator handrail from the first floor to the second.
Then I’ll stop at Chuck E. Cheese and I’ll play some video games, not wash my hands and I’ll end my afternoon with a nap in the ball pit.

That should get it going quite well…..if only there was some old dingy phone booth where I could enjoy my dinner.

Did someone just throw up?

Any other suggestions?


16 thoughts on “To fight it or give in; that is the dilemma

  1. My first thought was the ball pit but you beat me to it. LOL I'm sorry you feel the crud coming on. That is no fun. I used to get a cold every year. And now I think maybe it's been 7 years or so since I've had one. And everybody knows I'm nuts for using Purell type stuff after I touch anything in public. And I wash my hands as soon as I get home from anywhere. I come off as being a little bit OCD but I don't get sick. Not with colds anyway. : / Get well soon, my friend! You've got too much to do!


  2. We take Claritin and sudafed when something feels like it's coming on. Not often. But it does seem to help in some instances if it's something in the air. I hope you kick it before next weekend.


  3. Go to ANY grocery store and LICK the handles ….GADS—just thinking about all of those snotty nose kids dribbling on those handles…. ha ha YUK!!!!!Hope you don't get sick… Another good thing to take to help with colds is TURMERIC….It can be found in the spice rack at your grocery store… I mix a tsp of turmeric with 1 tbsp of honey and take it every day. There are all kinds of things which it is good for besides colds: arthritis, alzheimer's, digestion problems, etc…. Good Luck.Hugs,Betsy


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