Seeking my inner meow.

I got my hair did last Saturday. 
My stylist must have been delirious, because she gave me a Dorothy Hammilish type cut. 
Everyone knows I’m a roller skater and NOT an ice skater.
Oh well. It will grow out.
Lolo declared: It’s adorable; you look SO cute!!!
Me: I’m done with adorable, I’m ready to move into sex kitten mode.
Lolo: Ummmm after two kids, you are done with the sex kitten phase. Even daddy knows that.
Well that sounds like a challenge to me!
I dusted off my curling iron and fluffed things up a bit. 
I’ve banished the 1976 Dorothy ‘do. 
(btw: we were both being sarcastic; which is our first language and we all know Daddy loves his sex kitten)
Wow, that just got creepy.
I’ll never be up for a gold medal in a sporting event….unless being sarcastic is a sport. 

21 thoughts on “Seeking my inner meow.

  1. if we were in the olympics… you'd win the gold for the hair stylin' challenge!!!! but only the silver in kayaking. sorry. but that is the truth!!! {because i have been practicing!!!}


  2. You are adorable. Love your new do. I had to BEG the girl that cuts my hair to angle the sides some because they were constantly in my face and I just couldn't take it anymore. She was so afraid of 'the Dorothy Hamill\” happening that she almost wouldn't do it. And now we both agree that what she did works for me. (and I don't look like I need to take up ice skating either..if you get my drift). So don't be afraid, the water is fine. Or the ice. Or whatever. : )


  3. Fabulous! I had the Dorothy do back in the day. When I recently got my hair cut from longish to short, my ever so helpful mom announced, \”You have your high school hair back!\” Great. Just the look I was going for. I really do think you look faboooooo!


  4. Suz!!! Your hair looks beautiful. YOU are beautiful!I know, I know, I told you weeks ago that I would call/text/email, and I still haven't. I suck. :-/ But, at least I haven't forgotten!! It's coming, really!xoxox


  5. Why, bless your little ol' pea pickin' heart, you look just adorable! (Southern Speak as my mother-in-law would say it, don't ya know!) According to me, yes you're stylin' just fine.:)Oh, and please don't waffle about the blog…LOVE your sense of humor with healthy doses of sarcasm…Gold Medal there!!


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