Digging the windiness.

Typing Windiness looks weird as does windy-ness.
How about windfull?
Yep, still weird and totally wrong. 
The Coach and I spent a lovely weekend in Chicago with another couple; was a delightful getaway. 

One of my favorite things about Chicago is all the plant life on the busy streets. Beds of flowers, hanging baskets. It’s as if they knew I was coming. 

Spitting in public is generally frowned upon. But on a hot day in Millennium park, people line up to be spit upon. 

How about some verticalness for your visual pleasure. 

I was digging these birdies dining on corn that was growing in Millennium park. Not a scarecrow in sight. 

Did I ever tell you I love the coach? Well I do. 

The bean. It must be seen from afar as well as upclose. Too cool for school.
We ate. We walked. We ate. We drank. We ate and drank. We walked. We ate and drank and laughed and walked. 
This was the first time I’ve visited this city and I’ve not shopped. Never mind the fact that I walked up and down Michigan Avenue countless times over the weekend. 
I feel as though I deserve something for this great accomplishment; perhaps a certificate of achievement or a smallish plaque? 
A star in my name?
I’m waiting.

23 thoughts on “Digging the windiness.

  1. I'm not really a city person, but I've heard so many good things about Chicago that it actually makes me want to go. Glad you had a fun getaway with the coach and good friends!


  2. Well look at you go ~ Ms Travel herself !Love the spitting … the picture I don't actually partake in spitting myself ~ well unless a bug flies into my mouth out on the farm PfLahh. Yes, yes I am long \”winded\” .( see how I tied that in 😉


  3. looks & sounds like fun! can't wait to chat about it! i cannot give you a no-shopping star, because i would have to shop for it, and that would be wrong. i might be able to find something in my house you can have as an award. i'm sure there is something shiny & glitterless there!


  4. That looks like a good trip for y'all (did that sound Southern to you? Because that's about all of the Dixie I can speak). I love Coach's \”Cam\” shirt – a good choice! And you are the cutest couple, even after two kiddos and a few years together. It's great to keep the home fires burning with a little getaway.


  5. we vistited chicago maybe about 10 years ago and i didn't see the bean although i've been seeing it every where i look now. is it new? also that super cool spitting mural, didn't see that either! we did eat, italian beef sandwiches, deep dish pizzas…mmmmmmm yummmmmm! oh, and we took the train, the l? the elle? whatever, we took it!


  6. Anonymous

    Oh!!! I am so happy that you had lovely weather on your Chicago weekend! Our Chicago weekend was thunder and horrendous down pours, it was so awful! I was super bummed. Your visit is exactly how I had hoped ours would look, lucky girl!


  7. Sometimes you just got to spell it like you feel it whether it's a word or not, right? I love your way of expressing things anyway. Did anyone ever tell you that you have a way with words. I think I have. My daughter says that Chicago is a clean NY. They love Chicago. Looks like great fun with the Coach. Ya'll are too cute!


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