Willy Nilly Friday~I’m baaaccckk

Did you even notice I was gone?
*We’ve had very limited internet for the last few weeks. Talk about being annoyed. I know…I know….it’s not as though we didn’t have running water or electricity. What can I say; we are spoiled. I’m also a fan of air-conditioning and that roof over my head.
*The Coach, Lolo and I watched the documentary To Be Takai the other night; very interesting and cute. George Takai is very funny and has a rich history other than being a part of Star Trek.
*I had this vanda orchid on my lanai and when it stopped blooming I put it out in the oak tree to pasture.  Last week I noticed how happy it loved it’s new location.  Prepare to swoon.

*Swooning is fun isn’t it?
*Someone is suffering with senility. No, it’s not me. yet. It’s our sweet Ozzie. 
We noticed about six months ago that he was losing his marbles.  The vet agreed with me and said it’s part of the aging process. He sleeps a lot. He gets lost in the house. He can’t hear us. He hears things that aren’t there. He stares at walls UP CLOSE. 
However, he still has moments of pure joy. I took him out to see the Vanda orchid and he was all sorts of cra-cra; running around, doing flips, rolling in the grass.

Apparently this embarrassed Cocoa….she stayed on the sun deck and wouldn’t even look at him. Girls. 
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with pure joy, swooning and hey, get cra-cra and roll in the grass!
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18 thoughts on “Willy Nilly Friday~I’m baaaccckk

  1. Yes I notice you were gone , that's why I buzzed right over when I saw your post .Whew glad you are back with those mysterious re-flowering orchids, which are indeed beautiful by the way.Aww Ozzie poor babes we do all get eccentric as we age ( I find myself staring up walls more and more) ,I love you ole guy. Hopefully we are the only ones noticing his senility and that he is blissfully happy in it .


  2. Ozzie! Sweet boy! Henry, our cat seemed to be staring at a wall last night and one would have thought him crazy until I saw a big old roach in the top track of the pocket door. EWWWWWW! There are days when I loathe Florida. Yesterday was one of those days. Time to find a new bug guy. Have a great weekend!


  3. I bet that Nick Golden will have lots of advice (if you need it) about caring for your aging Ozzie. It seems as if he is happy, anyway – living with you is probably like a permanent vacation for the critters! Look at that orchid – you seem to have the touch of happiness with humans, animals AND plants. How cool, that our kiddos majored/are majoring in the same thing! Does Lo know what she wants to do with her degree? XO


  4. The orchid is GORGEOUS! It knew it had to produce to show you it still deserved a home. So sorry about your sweet pup. I have seeing animals get older and having difficulties – – – cuz I know my time is coming, too. However, glad he had a fun fun time in the yard – – – he had puppy moments – – reverted to his childhood.


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