Ice Ice Baby

You know the song. you know the drill.
duunnnn dunnn de dunnn dun.
Stop. Collaborate and Listen.
Ok, perhaps ONLY I randomly sing that song.
Do you have an ice thing?
An ice choice?
An ice fettish love?
My people do.
I enjoy my ice. But my people LOVE their ice.
A few years ago the Coach and I purchased an ice maker.
I know. Normal people use the ice maker in their freezer. But, we are NOT normal people.
This was a big deal. There was research. There were meetings. Discussions.
We settled.
We didn’t get the premium ice maker.
We got a good ice maker.
 Out there in the world, we ON occasion come across the ultimate ice.
ULTIMATE {pellet} ICE.

And when we do, I have to share with my people.
You know, just so they know what they are missing.
I had this delicious glass of ice while in Chicago. I shared this pic with my girls and they both ewwed and awed. 
Ice envy.
It’s what we do.
Word to your Mother.

21 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby

  1. how goofy. 🙂 where i worked, there was one ice maker that made ice differently than all the others. folks would come from other floors just to get that ice – they called it 'sonic ice' after the drive-in place.


  2. I love iced beverages in the warm weather, but I have to be careful, because (in our GLORIOUS MIDDLE AGE) those teeth which seemed to be made of steel no longer are invincible. The ice, she crushes middle-aged teeth. The dentist, he charges a fortune to fix them. The best icy thing of all? A granita. An icy drink, made in a slurpee-type of rotating thing, composed of latte and chocolate. Ohmygoodnessgraciousgood.


  3. haha when i read the title i was all \”dun dun dun du dun dun\” 😀 such a catchy tune and now matter how much they dog poor vanilla and this song, i still like it! oh and ice, love me some sonic ice! i do get excited when i come across a glass of good ice! 😀


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