Willy Nilly Friday-It’s Halloween…so wash your hands!

Joining Tanya and Friends–Sharing 5 willy nilly thoughts, quips, pics or whatevers.
I don’t want anyone to freak out, but I have some important health news to share.
There is a virus going around called Ebola. Don’t flip your lid. But, please, wash your hands as necessary and don’t swap bodily fluids with anyone who might be under the weather. 
You’re welcome. 
2) This is a photo of Oil and Water.
Behold: Linds and Lolo dressed up for Halloween many years ago. It’s clear to see they are on a different wave length; Miss USA and Miss Army!
We’ve lived in our house for 17 years and we’ve never had a trick or treater. Living in a rural area with no sidewalks and a few acres in between houses keeps the kids away. 
Lazy azz kids; they won’t even walk for candy. 
Does anyone else cringe reading face book statuses that are FILLED with spelling and grammatical errors? I mean to say, I’m not perfect, not even close. But I’m shocked to see so many people (college graduates!!) that have a hard time putting a sentence together. 
How has life been any fun before the show Modern Family? 
In my book, {and that’s the only one that matters} it’s right up there with Friends and Seinfeld; slap your mama funny. 
Are you a Modern Family watcher or is your bladder inadequately able to deal with it?

Wishing you all a safe and germ free weekend!!!
Around Roanoke

By the time I’m done painting everything, it will be time to start over again.

About a year ago Linds and I discussed painting her bedroom furniture, some of which actually used to be the Coach and Suz’s furniture.
We started just before last Thanksgiving with the nightstands. These were hers to begin with and were white. She wanted them black.
We spray painted them black. It took so much spray paint and time that I had to purchase a new ozone layer for the earth.
I’ll never do that again.

 FYI: The tops were scratched to heck even though we’d put a protective coat on top…so I had to redo them last week. (Used a primer and latex paint this time)

A few weeks ago, I decided to tackle the big pieces; the armoire and the blanket chest. We should rename the blanket chest because it now holds purses and back packs.
Please note how clean the room is; yes, Lindsay is now living in a dorm at school. I can guarantee you that the floor of that dorm is covered in whatever she wore this past week.
The plan was to paint all the furniture black, but then I came to my senses and went with white. I used chalk paint, just like I did in the guest room last year. 
Behold the backpack/purse chest now. 
 It took a lot longer than I had anticipated. Good thing I have nothing else to do. *snicker snicker*
 I even updated the hardware on everything. {hobby lobby!!} Chalk paint is easy to make…even a cave man can do it. No offense to cave men who read my blog. 
 Her room is much brighter now….and it will stay clean until she comes home for Thanksgiving!
 I’m still contemplating making this my yoga room….but then I’d have to start doing yoga!