Willy Nilly-Here’s your ‘sign’ you naughty-drinking-thing you.

Joining Tanya and friends-sharing five willy nilly thoughts, pics or whatevs.

1) The girls gave me this sign for my birthday.

They must get their sarcasm from the Coach. 

2) Ok, I was being sarcastic. They totally get it from me.

3) Last week I shared with you my deep love/hate for House Of Cards; well, I’ve finished the second season. 

When I finished the last episode I said out loud: 
That Francis Underwood is a corrupt,  conniving, deceptive, lying, scheming, Immoral, naughty naughty naughty naughty naughty NAUGHTY man.
Clearly, I was running out of intelligent adjectives, plus I’m a mom…naughty is my favorite word. 
4) It’s October. I’ve already planned/booked our company Holiday party and I’ve scheduled the date for the annual cocktail party we host at our home. 
I feel as though I deserve a medal or a glass of wine.
5) Just thinking about Christmas can cause a girl to drink wine. 
OK, just thinking about drinking wine also causes a girl to drink wine. 

Have a great weekend, but don’t do anything I wouldn’t do naughty!

Around Roanoke

24 thoughts on “Willy Nilly-Here’s your ‘sign’ you naughty-drinking-thing you.

  1. Don't do anything naughty???????? Oh My—Guess I'll be chained to my bed this weekend. Darn!!!!!Can't even think about Christmas YET… Mercy Me… Time flies when you have fun.. Right????? Have a great weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  2. I love your willy nilly Fridays! The sign is so fun and hats off for planning ahead. Can't make any promises about not doing anything naughty this weekend… 😉


  3. lol you are so funny…my picture today could go with your title 😀 haha i love that sign too…i keep telling my kids the same thing! it's too early for wine right now but a mimosa would be ok! have a naughty weekend and thanks for linking!


  4. I love your description of Francis Underwood. You just about hit all the adjective you could. You really do need to celebrate… you are way ahead of the game, planning holiday events already. Wow.


  5. i totally understand your thoughts on House of Cards – i was totally annoyed by them because they killed off my favorite character the 1st show. totally agree with the love/hate relationship there. i love it because it has such great actors/actresses on the show but … i feel like it also show was & how politic life is probably like & that is so scary/crazy too!! nuts!! ( :i have a few Christmas gifts under my belt. just a bit more to think on. have my Christmas cards all ready to be written & sealed. i feel like that as soon as you put Christmas on something it increases the price big time. it plain stinks. i always feel like if i plan ahead & am a bit more ready i will have the chance to relax & really enjoy the holidays. we all have more stress than we need or want.


  6. I really like the gift your girls gave you (it would probably fit in our home as well). I'm proud of you for all the holiday planning you've gotten done. I would recommend you celebrate with the glass of wine (instead of a medal!). Have a great weekend.


  7. Christmas! You are already planning for Christmas already. You are some kind of superwoman. We have our Thanksgiving next weekend and I am SO not ready for that! :)Thanks for the House of Cards review. Will have to give that series a try!


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